Saturday, 23 July 2016

#Hashtag Bracelet from

We were offered a My Style Hashtag Bracelet to try out and as Kim runs a local brownie pack, we thought it would be perfect for her to try out with the brownies on their pack holiday. She made the first bracelet with Tilly, a sister bonding thing apparently and here is her review of the My Style craft. you can find the price and the buy links at the bottom of the post.
''Tilly and I were lucky to receive a My Style craft 'Make a #hashtag bracelet'. When we received it we were both very excited as the box looks fun and colourful. Tilly and I decided we would make the bracelet together as the recommended as on the box was 8+ and Tilly is only 6. I was also looking for crafts for my brownies to do on their pack holiday, this summer and thought they would enjoy this.

As we opened the box we found 7 different colour threads and a bracelet maker. This is enough to make 8 different bracelets. The box also came with a colourful instruction booklet with step by step instructions with bright diagrams to show you want to do. The instruction manual helps you through the first 3 rows of the # love design. This includes the fist row of making a heart shape in the bracelet. You then have a guild to follow to complete the rest of the bracelet. Although the bracelet instruction booklet is easy to follow, making the bracelet takes a lot of concentration as sometimes you need to do forward knots and sometimes you need to do backwards knots. It all depends on which way you are going and what colour you want to show. Therefore we did make a few mistakes at the beginning and it took quite a while to get the hang of it. But once we did, we were able to go faster with less mistakes. Personally I believe that this bracelet would be perfect for a slightly older girl and may need some adult help, as Tilly (and I) really struggled and required a lot of help in making this bracelet. The age range on the box does say 8+, but we would recommend 12+

When we were finished making the bracelet we were both happy with the results and Tilly loves it. The bracelet is perfect size for a child's wrist . Although our attempt is a little messy and you can tell it is homemade, it has the personal touch and I'm sure we will make another which will look neater as we get better. At the end of the booklet there are 4 different bracelet templates to follow as well as 3 blank templates to design your own. They also show examples of the alphabet so you can design a bracelet with your name on it. Overall Tilly and I really loved making this bracelet despite going wrong a few time at the beginning, and I would defiantly consider buying it again as a gift for a slightly older child.''

You can by the My Style #Hashtag bracelet kit from, but you will also find various other crafts that are 'on trend' for girls these days. The Hashtag bracelet kit is £9.99 and makes a fab birthday gift or something for the summer holidays to keep boredom at bay. 

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