Tuesday, 12 July 2016

How To Order Business Cards From Colour Graphics

I needed some new business cards, I seem to get through loads of them when I am out and about on business with the blog, so I always try and buy them in bulk and always look around online to try and get a good deal.

I was offered some business cards from Colour Graphics in exchange for an honest review. I am used to buying cheaper business cards where you design the cards as you go along or companies where the cards are bespoke made for you and there is no stress with thinking about the design. Colour Graphics work differently to both of these kinds of websites and at first I did find it quite confusing to use the website. They offer a wide range of products from business cards to business stands to really help you to promote your business.

When you order the business cards, you get to choose your quantity and also the material that you want your cards to be printed on. Appearances are important and the better quality that your cards are means the perspective client is going to think they will get quality from your business. I chose premium unlaminated cards but there is also the option of laminated matt and laminated matt with spot UV.

Then you choose whether you want single sided cards or double sided, personally I like the double sided option because you can have your design on one side and then the details on the back. Having double sided cards avoids having all the details crammed in to one space and becoming too much information in a crammed space.

I chose the 250 option and it cost £30. So once you have chosen the cards that you want, you click on to the price and it adds them to your basket. This is the part where I got confused, It took me through to the checkout and I wasn't sure how to add my design. But once I had realised that I had to design the cards on an art website like Canva, and then you upload them to the website with your order number. Don't forget the order number otherwise they cannot put the designs to the right order.

Now I have never been good at art but did have fun designing my cards and making them personal to me. It was easier than I though as you can follow templates. BUT the designs are not checked and corrected by Colour graphics, because they cannot change the design that you send them and I made a mistake. If you wish to have the option where your cards are checked them you really need to be going with the option of Colour Graphics designing them for you at the extra cost. The mistake I made was small and hopefully wont be too noticeable, totally a mistake that I made and it goes to show that it is good to get them designed properly - purely to look more professional.  

When you are ready to pay for your cards, you will get the option of delivery, so if you are in a rush for the cards, you can pay for them to be designed the same day and sent out for next day delivery. This is really convenient for those people in a rush. You can pay for the service by card or PayPal, which I liked as so many people use PayPal to pay for online services. 

The cards arrived within a few days of my design being accepted and they arrived in a box that was packaged well and very secure and there were smaller boxes inside to keep my cards together and crease free. The cards were of a good quality and I am very happy with the colours in them and the quality of the printing. I chose to have them unlaminated and I am also happy that I chose this option too. If there is a problem with your order, the staff will call you and they also keep in touch by email. Although I found the website confusing to use to start with, once I realised that I had to design them on Canva, then save them to the laptop it was easy. I am happy with the cards and think they are worth the money that I paid for them and they are a UK company so I am all for keeping money in the country and supporting our businesses. 

So how did my business cards look? I do really like them, they have all the details that I need on them and they are the colour that I envisaged them to be, once I learned how to navigate the website everything was really easy. You can order you own business cards from www.colourgraphics.com/business-cards

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