Thursday, 28 July 2016

Meet The Blogger Behind The Blog - RachelBustin

What is your blog called?
RachelBustin- When I started I really could't think of a name so I used my own. I'm glad I did now as my blog direction has changed since I became a mummy.

How long have you been blogging?
About 16 months

What is your blog niche?
I love to blog about books, lifestyle topics and parenting. A bit of everything really!

Why do you blog?

I have always loved to write and my husband came up with the idea. I use my blog as a type of journal. Following our parenting journey and the things we get up to.

What made you start blogging?
Back in March 2015 I had just gone through our 3 rd miscarriage trying to conceive and to be honest I needed something to help me deal with the grief and to take my mind off things. That's why I started blogging. Then 2 months later we found out we were expecting and February 2016 our little baby girl was born.

How long did you have your blog before you started to tell people that you had it?
Not sure, It just happened. My mum and dad are not computer friendly so don't really have a clue what I do!
What is the funniest Google search people have used to find your blog?
Alicia Douvall's Sugar Daddy! - Well I did review her biography

Who is your most famous Twitter follower?
Juliet Landau from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have tried to get Kevin Bacon to follow me, but no success as yet.

Buffer or Hootsuite?
Buffer – I love to schedule my tweets to post throughout the day.

What is your best blogging achievement?
Becoming a brand Ambassador for Cake Cetera – we all love a bit of cake!

Have you ever had a fail with a blog post like not noticing a typo?

Many a time! My sister who lives in Vancouver loves to message me and point out my spelling mistakes! Even though I use spell check.

Have you ever sent the wrong email to a PR, or misread it and sent the wrong reply?

I have sent the wrong invoice to a PR if that counts!

Where can the readers find you?
My blog is at and you can find me here on Twitter Instagram and Facebook

Where do you see your blog in 1 years time?

I would love to see my blog getting lots more readers and a bit more out there. If I could get into the top 200 of mummy bloggers would be amazing.

Where do you see your blog in 10 years time?

I would love to see my blog in 10 years time as an extension of my writing. By this time I would have liked to have written pieces for lots of magazines and online websites.

What is the favourite blog post that you have ever written?

My favourite blog post I have written so far is my breastfeeding story as a new mum and how tough it was. It's just here if you would like to read it. - How Hard is it to Breastfeed? 

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  1. Thanks very much for having me guesting on your blog xx


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