Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Meet The Blogger Behind The Blog - Two Little Paines

Welcome to today's guest post as part of our Meet The Blogger series, today we have Michaela. Please read all about her and get to know her, you will find links in the post of how to follow her and her adventures in blogging

What is your blog called? 
 Two Little Paines

How long have you been blogging? 
Officially 3 and a half years but the first year and a half I probably only posted Silent Sunday photos! I only started to ‘blog’ 2 years ago when I went self hosted.

What is your blog niche?

Why do you blog? 
I blog to keep me sane

What made you start blogging? 
I needed somewhere to record the things I did with my children. Somewhere I could look through when my depression and anxiety were getting to me and making me feel like I was the worst mum ever and hopefully I would see that I did get out and about with the kids, that they were doing ok, looked happy and in fact I wasn’t so bad after all.

How long did you have your blog before you started to tell people that you had it? 
I still don’t really tell anyone, it took 2 years to tell my sister and my closest friend.

Who is your most famous Twitter follower?
I don’t think I have a ‘famous’ follower *goes off and sulks*

Buffer or Hootsuite? 
I don’t use either, I really do need to start using something though and be a proper blogger!

What is your best blogging achievement?
Any time I get offered the chance to take the kids somewhere is an achievement for me.

Have you ever had a fail with a blog post like not noticing a typo? 
I uploaded a photo with my son’s school badge still in it once, luckily I noticed fairly quickly and changed it. Oh and in one post about plants I managed to miss out the ‘l’ repeatedly and wrote about pants :/

Have you ever sent the wrong email to a PR, or misread it and sent the wrong reply? 
I signed off ‘love ya’ once, I’d been switching tabs and thought I’d put it on a different email

Where do you see your blog in 1 years time?
Hopefully still in existence and attracting readers.

Where do you see your blog in 10 years time? 
If it’s still running there’ll have to definitely be a name change at the very least as my Paines won’t be so little then!

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