Saturday, 2 July 2016

Not Just A Mummy Blogger

I know that people regularly read my blog and yes I am a ''mummy blogger'' but I also have many other sides to me.  I am also the mum that goes on a child free 2 week all inclusive holiday with her friends and gets up to all untold things that will never be repeated away from the holiday. I am here to break the stigma that mummy bloggers are perfect stay at home mums who create endless crafts for their children. A mummy blogger isn't someone who works and then has a perfect life at home, leaving her time to blog when her children go to bed at 7pm. Sometimes it is so easy to hide behind a blog and just put on a review or two instead of dealing with the real life problems that you encounter all the time.

I am actually the mummy blogger who gets in from work at 7pm after relying on my older daughter to look after and feed Tilly, Tilly is up until about 930pm, because 1/ I haven't seen her all day and 2/ I am too knackered to have the bedtime argument.  I am the mummy blogger, who just wants to sleep in the evenings, but knows she has deadlines to complete and in reality is up until 3am finishing it all off. Then up again and trying to look bright and bushy tailed for the school run, because you know that there are always the mums that are made up and looking spick and span, I actually like to think that they have got up, when I am just going to bed! Once upon a time there I would go out partying all night and only roll home at 3am, now it is all traded in for a night with the laptop.

I am the mummy blogger that has fought so hard to hold her family together over the last year, but seems to be failing miserably as it all seems to be unraveling at the seems.  Sometimes I cant put my thoughts down on to my blog because I am so scared of what people will think of me. I am the mummy blogger that actually wants to talk about my sex life and how much I miss being with a man all the time, I have had some funny experiences in the past, but it isn't the done thing to share them ... is it?

I am the mummy blogger that actually had the piss taken out of her by a really ungrateful and two faced blogger last weekend, being taken advantage of isn't nice and she actually knocked my confidence for 6, But hey I got up, brushed myself off and got my little bit of revenge. The sad thing it that it was another mummy blogger that did it. This is what has made me realise how much we are catergorised as ''mummy bloggers'' but actually that is a huge umbrella and each mummy blogger has a different thing to offer you, each of us has a different style of writing and each of us are ourselves.

A mummy blogger does not get ''free stuff'' and a mummy blogger does not have a baby to be given the newest pram on the market by a company, Jeez if that happened, I would still be popping them out at 43 years old. A mummy blogger works hard for all she gets and is often found to be working for less than the minimum wage.

My blog is my outlet and I am so grateful for doing it but next time you say ''Oh just another mummy blogger'' maybe you should look more into the blog. I am off now to eye up all the single men in town, drink vodka and swear like a trooper, because mummy bloggers are people too!

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