Saturday, 2 July 2016

Num Noms Unboxing And Review

Earlier in the year Num Noms hit our shop shelves and caused a bit of a frenzy with kids, because Num Noms are delicious, stackable and totally wacky collectables. It really didn't take long before they sold out across the world and now Num Noms are back and with better flavours

Kids can add to their collections that they have already with the introduction of a collection of savory flavours inspired by brunch dishes, such as Becca Bacon, delicious pizza flavours including Mozza Rella, There are also sophisticated sushi snacks and yummy dinner foods. Plus, there are even more tasty sweet flavours inspired by fairground foods, freezie pops cupcakes and ice creams. These are Tilly's favourite ones.

Each Num Nom character is full of surprises.The Nums are the outer rubbery part that are scented and soft and the Noms are the motorized characters that can alsobe either fun scented
stamps, lovely lip glosses or a funky eraser. You can make over 5,000 mix and match combinations, children can play chef and create wacky combos. How about a blueberry, banana, pancake – yum! Or some Wasabi ice cream, To us they are gross but to children it is a great way of using their imagination.

Tilly received two packs of Deluxe Num Noms and 4 surprise yoghurt pots with surprises in them. So she made a video of her unboxing, which is here.


Little toys like this are always a winner with kids and Tilly is no different to them. The smaller the toy, means she can take more out with her and they fit in her dolls house. she loved making the different combinations with the Num Noms but wasn't too keen on the smell of the Diner pack as the Num Noms do really smell like the food! she is more of a sweet girl and much more preferred the Freezie Pop deluxe set. She is quite an imaginative child and did enjoy these toys and made different 'ice cream desserts' The surprise pot in the deluxe pack was a winner for her. It comes in a pot and then once you have opened it, you get to a little yellow bag, so it really keeps the suspense going for the kids. the yoghurt pots are surprise pots too and contain either a little lip gloss or a stamper.

You can buy the sets of Num Noms from toy shops near you, Smyths sell them and the deluxe packs are £14.99, whilst the yoghurt pots are £2.99 each. All kids love a surprise and these are great little pocket money toys. For news update and join in the fun, please pop over to their Facebook Page

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