Friday, 29 July 2016

Two Days In Switzerland - Tilly Goes To Europe

So as I write this blog post, I am speeding through Austria on a Rail Jet train at 200Km/h. We are 4 days into our holiday and this is how we spent the first two days!

We flew from Stansted to Basel on Sunday and we actually paid a little bit extra and flew their version of Business Plus. It was well worth the extra £15 we paid because it included our luggage and we got to choose our seats at booking (we chose seats with extra leg room) and we got fast track through bag drop, security and to get on the plane - why would you not pay for this option? Anyway we took off and Tilly decided she wanted to go to sleep and made herself comfortable, so it mean't I could close my eyes - just as I did this and I was relaxing, the captain made the announcement that we would soon be landing, we were literally on the plane an hour, I felt cheated of a plane ride.

When we arrived at Basel Airport it is right on the border with France and Germany, so you have to choose the right door to leave the airport or you are a bit buggered because you end up in the wrong country. We took the train to Interlaken, where we had booked to stay in Tent Village and it only took about 2 hours to get there. As soon as you leave Bern, the Scenery is amazing!

There were mountains everywhere and we were just so surprised at how beautiful it could be. We arrived at Interlaken and got a bit excited as there was a lake and we wanted to be on it straight away, you know how a kid wants a sweet or toy right now? well that's how we were. It was included in our InterRail ticket so we got the ride around Lake Brienz for free and it took about 3 hours to complete, There was a bar on board so we were happy.

We took the bus to our campsite, you can read more about Tent Village Here, it was the perfect place to stay and everywhere you looked there were mountains. The next morning we got up early and headed to the next town where we got a train up a mountain to Lauterbrunnen in a valley where there were waterfall everywhere, We even went up a mountain and inside it to visit the Trummelbach falls, now we had never heard of these but if you go to the area, you must visit them. It costs about 11 CHF and you do climb ALOT but you get a view that you would never have imagined. The water comes down from the Ice glaciers on the top of the mountains at such a force, it is amazing.

After this we went to go up a cable car, after all you cannot go to Switzerland and not go on one, so as we went up to Grindelwald 3292ft above sea level. then you hop on a train to Murren, which is 5413ft above sea water and it is well recommended, it is so peaceful up there and the air is so clear! We just actually sat up there, breathing the clean air, eating our picnic or dried bread and slimy meat (this seemed to be our swiss diet, because food was so expensive). After we had all pretended to enjoy our picnic, we took in the scenery, before we took the train back down to the cable car, and then the cable car down the mountain.

If you are in the area, you should really make the most of the scenery there, because it is like nothing you will ever see in England.

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