Saturday, 9 July 2016

Two Weeks Until Europe

So this time next month we will be part way through our trip around Europe. Tilly will have realised how hard work it is and it wasn't quite the holiday that she had expected and I will be sick of hearing "Are we there yet?" And that will just be from my friend Eileen who is coming with us for the first part of the trip. I know this is going to be a huge trip especially for my little munchkin and we wont get to stay for long in each place we go to, But the idea of the trip is to show her that there is some goodness left in the world and that it wasnt all taken away by Nathan Green, The Paedophile who stole her sister from her. Tilly thinks that every boyfriend is bad, I need to get her out of that mind set and into one where she can think ''actually people ain't that bad''. So the trip is to show her how kind the world can be to her and that although she knows the world is bigger than her little town, she doesn't quite understand how nice people actually are!

Although now we are out of the EU, it may make it a bit awkward to travel because of peoples opinion of us. As a country we have treated migrants appallingly since the referendum and I am actually ashamed to be British, I feel that the doings of a few people are tarring all British people and I hate to think how difficult  awkward it will be to feel comfortable in the countries belonging to the people that are the victims of racism in our country.

BUT I am still going to travel around Europe with my little girl and I am going to show her so much, I am going to give her memories that she will never forget. Sometimes she remembers things about days out from when she was smaller and I can never remember everything we did, luckily we have the ability to take pictures these days our phones. Tilly has a Go Pro so she can wear that. We have so much that we want to do when we are away, we have an Interrail ticket for 21 days, and people keep asking when I am coming home, I just say ''Stop with the pressure, I will be home when I am home!'' We haven't told anyone where we are going except for mentioning a couple of places, and to be honest I don't even know where I am going for the last week anyway! I really need to get on it and book flights home.

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