Monday, 1 August 2016

When We went to Munich and Vienna

When we left Interlaken we wanted to take a scenic trip to Munich, so that's what we did! We took the train from Interlaken to Bern where we had to change to get a train to Romanshorn where we took a ferry to Friedrichshafen, this took us over the Bodensee and took about 40 minutes. there was plenty of time to soak up the sun on the boat and have something to eat and drink. It also gave us a chance to use the last of the Swiss francs.

Once you get to friedrichshafen, there is a small train trip to take you to the centre of the town and you join your connecting train. Ours was a train to Ulm, where we changed and got a train from Ulm to Munich. Tilly coped with it all surprisingly well, but we were sad to be leaving Switzerland.

We stayed in Motel One in Munich, it was a beautiful hotel and quite a good price for the Munich was easily found off the metro line at stop Wettersteinplatz Underground Station, just 400 m from the Motel One.

We didn't really want to spend too much time in Munich with it being on such high security following the recent terrorist attacks, but one place we wanted to go to was Dachau, It is important for kids to know about history to ensure that the same mistakes are not made. We have written a post about Dachau here, Tilly didn't know what it was, we told her it was an army barracks where soldiers used to live in the war, so not a complete lie. We even attended a church service in one of the catholic churches built on the site of the memorial. It is so good that something positive has come from such atrocities in the past. 

We didn't go into the centre of Munich as we wanted to go on to Vienna, having to pack so many destinations in to such a small time frame is difficult and its sad when we want to see more,. But I suppose we are looking at this as a taster to see where we like to go and where we would come back to. I am so surprised at Tilly as she hasn't complained about having to carry two rucksacks (one on her back and one on her front), as well as a bottle of water, not like us adults who are moaning constantly about our luggage! we need to take a leaf out of her book and chill a bit. 

So we arrived in Vienna, by about 7pm and went to a hotel in the Sankt Marx area, it was an Ibis and when we got of the train, We went to the Tourist Information and we asked how we got to the underground line to Erdberg, but he told us that the best way was to get on the train to Sankt Marx. Obviously we thought he knew better and did as he told us - BUT HE WAS WRONG!!!! We come off at Sankt Marx and ended up having to walk about 30 minutes in the blistering heat, without a drink! we were not happy with this guy at that precise moment. But eventually we saw the hotel - opposite a garage, so we crawled in, bought a drink and went on our way to check in. The Ibis at Sankt Marx was good, it was cheap and it was clean. We were only there for one night, so not enough time to unpack. The next day we got up, and negotiated the metro system - to be honest it was a bit of a nightmare, The main station wasn't named as Vienna Hauptbahnoff, or anything familiar, it is named Sud Tiroler, So we had to get off the metro and then find a tram to take us to the train station, the trams are everywhere in Vienna, so you need to be careful. The transport connections are really good in Vienna, but you need to really study it before you go there as we found it confusing. 

I took Tilly to one of the palaces in Vienna, we chose Schonbrunn palace because it had a children's museum and we wanted to get her really involved in some Viennese history, You can read the review here. We stopped for some lunch at a Bitburger sausage stand that was quite easy to find on the corner of Albertinaplatz, it is across the road from a tourist information so you could have some lunch whilst looking for things to do in the City of Vienna. It was a very popular stand but the staff worked fast and food was given to you instantly, fantastic when you are starving. I had a Currywurst as it brings back so many childhood memories and Tilly had a hot dog. Make sure you visit a stand on your trip to Vienna. there is more info here at

All too soon it was time to move on to Budapest and keep on following the blog for the next instalment of our trip to Europe.

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