Saturday, 13 August 2016

Coming To THe End Of Our Holiday

So here we are, a time that I knew would be here soon enough! we are on our way to our last destination - Copenhagen. Quite how we have survived it, I am not sure. we have certainly learned a thing or two on our travel. I never knew that Berlin was its own country until reunification in 1989.
The west Berliners had their own passports and they didn't say they were part of West or East Germany. We have learn't about The Harburgs in Vienna and that was carried on through to Budapest and then to Berlin, So they were quite a prominent historical family through out Europe.

 I have learned that Europe really is a small place that is safe to visit, despite all of the scaremongering that is going on at the moment because of the press coverage about the Islamic state and their terrorism. Whilst I was away there were incidents in London and even in my own home town a 12 year old was arrested for brandashing a knife at a train station. So to me, this summer Europe is safer than my own country! There were a few shady moments, like the one where we ended up in the most minging of hotels in Budapest and it looked like it was in the red light district, where all the down and outs lived! We didn't hang around and soon found somewhere else to sleep. There was the time in Brno when we were lost at about 8pm and we had to show some random people our apartment details,Luckily they were very helpful and they showed us the way, but it could have ended up so differently because if they had been dishonest and the 'wrong type' of people!  You don't think about danger until afterwards sometimes and then think to yourself ''oops''.

We have tried different foods, we have met different people and we have learned that Europe really is a small place when you travel it. You can go from Vienna to Budapest in under 2 hours or you can travel Amsterdam to Paris in 3 hours. That is how long it can take for me to travel from my home town on the kent coast to London at the moment! European travel really does put the UK travel system to shame! Right now I am travelling on a regional train to Flensburg, because I am so stupid I didn't book the direct train to Copenhagen and we have to take a five hour trip with two changes. But It is a double decker train,  So Tilly is happy, we will kinda miss these trains when we get back to the UK. Tilly has found an english speaking family and is playing with their son, Thank Goodness for that! If I have to have another conversation with a six year old, I will pull my hair out. I am craving adult conversation! So now my Ipod is on and I have my music turned up loud, blocking out any child talk whilst I listen The Hoosiers up full. As much as I love my Kid, 21 days of her 24/7 is enough to put anyone off being a parent - talk about intense parenting! Now I know all the Pokemon names, I could tell you all about Winx Girls and what all the My Little Ponys are called. Tilly on the other hand has learn't that Mummy gets in to trouble where ever she goes and gets told off! She has learn't that Mummy Lived in the Rathaus in Hameln - I didn't but it looked so much nicer than the army estate in Afferde that I did live on! whats a little white lie between a parent and a child? Tilly has introduced Amber (Zach's Girlfriend) to The Hoosiers by making her watch them on you tube. She has chalked her name in random places and she has made some new friends along the way. She has kind of left her own little mark along the way.

I suppose the most important thing that we have both learned is that we have shown ourselves that we can do anything we want to do. There was a time once, when I was suffering from severe PND and I wouldn't even leave the house without Kim by my side - and here I am now travelling Europe alone with my 6 year old child! It may have taken me 6 years to get to this place, but I am here. We are even planning a trip for two years time but just travelling eastern Europe, as that was where we enjoyed more (apart from Switzerland). Never again will I think that something is out of my reach and I will never doubt that I can achieve something. This was supposed to be a trip that showed Tilly about the goodness in the world and that not everyone is like Nathan Green, that the world is a big place and although Europe is only a small part of it, I feel that she now knows that the world is a wonderful place.

But this trip has taught me valuable life lessons too, I don't think much will scare me again because I have gained so much confidence. I haven't thought about my job for the three weeks, but now as we come to the end of the holiday I think that I am contemplating giving up work still. I actually thought that taking time out would give me time to relax and go back to work with more enthusiasm, but I am still thinking of giving up work because I feel so much more laid back and being stress-free has done me the world of good. My psoriasis has completely cleared on my face because I am not stressed (that might be partly due to the sunshine too).

I am however sooooo looking forward to flying home and sleeping in my own bed and I am really looking forward to not living out of a suitcase. It will be lovely to be able to reach for something from the wardrobe that has been cleaned in a washing machine and not by hand with some Superdrug Washing liquid, which is actually super! It will be nice to see Kimmy and a few close friends again,
although with the fab technology we have these days, we have been speaking every day or every other day by Video calls.

But if someone phoned me next week and offered me a job abroad, You really wouldn't

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