Monday, 22 August 2016

Ecover Washing Up Liquid

Ecover have been going for a few years now and in fact I regularly use the Ecover Laundry Bleach to help keep Tilly's clothes white. Only the other week I had to use it to get rid of some orange ink that had spilled on to Tillys brand new white dress, and it has completely got rid of the stain. The reason that we use Ecover is because it is a brand that has ethics that means it is eco friendly and helps us to look after our envronment.Recently we have been introduced to Ecover washing up liquid.

Ecover washing up liquid uses plant based and mineral ingredients meaning you can still get the results that you want without the harsh chemicals that we often find in our household cleaners. Because it is plant and mineral based, it means it is gentle on your skin and I even gave Tilly a baby bath full of water to play with, but you know kids - she ended up sitting in the bath of washing up liquid and there was no irritation to her skin at all.

The washing up liquid is not tested on animals so it is ideal for vegetarians to use, and the best thing for me is that one squeeze is enough to produce the right amount of bubbles you need for the whole sink full of washing up. Many people believe that you need a sink full of bubbles to get your dishes clean, but in reality I hate too much bubbles in the sink because there is always residue left on the plates and you can taste it whilst you eating your dinner off the plate. So less bubbles is so much better for you. 

Many people think that if a product is ''green'' then how can it possibly really work? they think its a gimmick for you to buy something that is good for the environment, but as Ecover have been trading for over 35 years now, they have proved that  - actually this stuff works. Ecover make their washing up liquid in recyclable bottle and you can even go to some retailers and re fill your bottles because every little bit that helps the environment is a step closer to cleaner and better living. 

We were recently chosen to help promote the Ecover washing up liquid and with that came training, Maybe I was dubious about how good it was too, that was until it arrived and I started to use it in my own kitchen. Because you only use a squeeze or the washing up liquid,, then it lasts that little bit longer, meaning your money goes a bit further. We were sent the Chamomile and marigold washing up liquid, and have I mentioned the smell? the smell is gorgeous, it is natural and so much better than other branded washing up liquids that have the over powering aroma that is created by chemicals.. We found that the washing up liquid does rinse away easily and it is perfectly safe, even for sensitive skin, I have been using it and I have psoriasis that is irritated easily, but washing up with this was a breeze. Like I said earlier in the post - Even Tilly who is six found it gentle enough to play in. 

Ecover is available from Ecover Direct and also in supermarkets local to you, so please give it a go and you might find yourself converted to an Ecover family. 

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