Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Finding Dory Glasses from Specsavers - available now #backtoschool

When it comes to your kids there is nothing more important than their health and well being, that is why it is so important for us to get their eyes checked regularly. It is free on the NHS for under 16s and they also get free glasses if they qualify for the voucher. If a child has problems with their eyesight and it is corrected before the age of 8 years old, then they are unlikely to need glasses as they get older. Tilly wears glasses and we didn't know until she was 5 years old and now we are working at sorting them out for her.

When she was first told she had to wear glasses, she hated them and it took a lot of encouragement for her to wear them. Now whenever she needs new glasses I always let her choose them herself because I feel that she is more likely to want to wear them if she has chosen a cool pair and she is also more confident wearing her glasses if she has chosen them herself. I always feel that if a child is allowed to make their own choices, they are so much more likely to co-operate with wearing them. Thats why its perfect timing with Finding Dory being this summers must see movie for the kids, its lovely to see that Specsavers have introduced 4 new sets of glasses to their range of children's glasses with the theme of Finding Dory. There is something different for every child. Your kids can get their new glasses ready as part of their back to school stuff.

The frames for the active of the kids is the one with  Nemo, Dory and Hank the octopus swim among the seaweed on this vibrant turquoise frame. The dark green acetate plastic with crystal inner laminate reflects the underwater film setting and flex hinges
If your child likes adjustable nose pads, an arched brow line and flex hinges then they need the striking deep blue frame, that feature Dory and Nemo printed on the temples, will be a hit with little ones.
If you need comfort and durability for your active child then the glasses with the colourful coral reef provides the backdrop for Nemo and Dory on the temples of this purple frame. These are a slightly larger style, which is a perfect size for Tilly.

If you have an older child, there are a pair of glasses with a slightly larger frame and flex hinges to add some extra comfort, then the glasses you need are the ones where Hank the octopus swims in the deep sea with his new friends Dory and Nemo on this playful frame.
The glasses are available now from Specsavers and don't forget that your child gets two pairs! You have your main pair for them and then a spare pair in case they get left at school or lost. It means your kids can choose two pairs of the new Finding Dory glasses if they wish. One thing we like about Specsavers is that they design their glasses to be Gender free, meaning boys and girls can wear from either of the selections. Tilly always chooses one set from the boys range and one set from the girls range and you really wouldn't notice that she wears boys glasses.

You can see more details of the glasses at www.specsavers.co.uk/finding-dory


  1. I love the fact that they get two pairs - so many times I've sent kids home with broken glasses from an accident in the playground or they've sat down on my carpet only for me to ask them where their glasses are and find they've been left at home. Keeping a pair at school is such a good idea.
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

  2. Ahh! They are so cool and look great on Tilly...
    I love the purple one's. I wouldn't mind a pair for myself. hehehe x

  3. My older 2 both have glasses for reading, and are now desperate to have their eyes tested again just to get the Finding Dory glasses! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested


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