Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Getting an eye test is so important

Yesterday I went to the opticians for an appointment. My NHS one wasn't due yet, but as I have been getting a few headaches I thought I should go and have one done. So I popped to the local shop and had my eye test. I am appalled that my eye sight has been getting worse over the past few months, but because I didn't want to make a fuss and having time to fit in with the opticians meant that the appointment just never got made.

So yesterday I found myself dragging Tilly to the appointment (she was really engrossed in it all) The optician tried to assess me as Tilly stood by her side, in front of her and behind her. I was too scared to say anything to her because the optician was quite up close and personal with me and I had eaten garlic for dinner the night before, so I didn't want to open my mouth.

Anyway my eyesight has got worse and I have to have two prescriptions. One for working on the computer and reading the small print at work and one for watching TV at home. I took a look round the selection and I made my choice  Tilly made my choice! she has some purple glasses and wanted me to have the same colour So I have gone for some Converse glasses as my working glasses, they feel such good quality and they are light to wear, They cost £99. For the stay at home glasses, I chose a pair of black frames from their budget £45 range.

The new glasses will be here next week, so watch this space and see how I get on with them, but if you do have problems with your glasses, you do need to get them checked out because they really could be deteriorating.

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