Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Holiday round up - week one

So its been two weeks since we returned from Europe. Tilly has had some fun telling her friends of her experiences and I am surprised how much she has soaked in. part way through the holiday I did wonder if I was overloading her little brain with too much education. But I guess not as she is enjoying talking about it so much.

I posted about the holiday over on our other blog www.tillystravellingtelegram.co.uk. But we are here to do a round up of the holiday.

We started our holiday on Saturday 24th July, when we headed to Stansted airport for a night in the hotel. This gave us a chance for a decent night sleep before out 7AM flight the following morning. The flight in itself was quick, we got on the plane, Tilly fell asleep and I closed my eyes, just to relax and then the pilot announced we were landing in 20 minutes - REALLY? we had literally just started flying over France. I felt cheated of a plane journey but excited to be in Switzerland.

We took a train to stay in Interlaken, Tilly wanted to go up an mountain to be at the top of the world and we succeeded in this. We stayed there for two days in a campsite that was part of a youth hostel. It was a fab place and Tilly was lucky to find a friend there to play with. Sadly we were only there a couple of nights as we had so much of Europe to see and so much to do. You can find more details of our stay in Interlaken Here and Here.

Next we went to Munich, Due to the recent terrorism attacks in the city, we literally went there to Visit Dachau and then left. Dachau is one of the Concentration camps in Europe. The older kids have been there and I grew up visiting them. But with Tilly, she was a fair bit younger than the older kids had been so we told her it was an army barracks. I avoided the photo gallery (I had seen it before) and she is still none the wiser to where she went. But we took loads of pictures so when she is older, she will know she has been there. It is an important part of our history and you don't really understand it until you actually go to a place like this. You can find the post here.

Vienna, we found the travel system difficult to understand and it was made worse by a member of tourist information sending us the wrong way with all of our luggage. We were there for two days and we did love visiting the Schoenberg palace, where it was all about Tilly for the day. Another thing on her holiday bucket list was to ride a horse in Vienna. We didn't quite ride a horse but we did manage to go on a horse and cart, so I would say that ticked the box for her. Our experiences of Vienna are here.

We were very excited to be going to Budapest, It had been Tillys choice and also Eileen wanted to go there. Tilly wanted to go on the bridges over the Danube. She had seen a picture in a travel brochure and knew what she wanted to do. After our first experience with the accommodation, we found a beautiful apartment and our holiday turned around. Budapest is very much on our list of places to visit again. We were warned of pick pockets, as we were heading into deeper Eastern Europe but we never had a bad experience and in fact loved every minute of Budapest.

Overall we had a successful first week, our favourite places being Interlaken and Budapest, the travelling went really well and we met some nice travel companions. Our experience of the trains in Europe were all so different. In some trains there was a child carriage with a cinema, on others there were the old compartments that hold 6 people and you can get up close and personal with your other travellers. None of them really minded travelling in a compartment with a child because she was so well behaved.


  1. I want to come on holiday with you and Tilly. You have so much fun!


  2. Sounds like you had a great time! I can't wait until we've got a wee bit of spare cash to go travelling! :)

  3. Sounds like a fun first week, I love Budapest and am actually heading back next week which should be fun x

  4. I would love to visit Vienna and Budapest, the latter especially as I have friends who moved over there for work and loved it so much they stayed! The architecture is very very beautiful. x

  5. Oh what an amazing experience - you have visited some incredible places - my parents love Interlaken but I have never been. Love all your photos. Kaz x

  6. Your holiday sounds amazing. It's unbelievable how much children can take in isn't it? Every time I see my neice I am shocked at the knowledge she has.

    Jenna Von x

  7. Wow, what a fun schedule you had! I bet it was an amazing experience for you.

  8. I'd love to see more of Switzerland, and haven't managed to get to Budapest yet, but it's right at the top of my to-do list. Maybe next year! x

  9. It looked like you had a successfull trip, I would love to visit Budapest it looks like a city with a lot of history! I have boked a trip to Amsterdam for me and my bf, traveling is so much fun!


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