Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Kids Clothes From M and M Direct

Kids grow out of their clothes so fast and Tilly is no exception, it seems like I am buying clothes for her and before I know it, they are being passed on to someone else because she has out grown them! It can be an expensive time, having to buy more clothes for your child. It’s even worse when your child wants clothes that everyone else is wearing and they have to be fashionable. Quite often these days, supermarket leggings and t-shirts just don’t cut it with Tilly. We were asked by MandM Direct to choose some clothes and give them the Tilly treatment.

She was given a £40 budget, and she did well with it, going over slightly by £1.93. She was able to choose a variety of clothes that she can mix and match to wear. So what was in her MandM Direct haul?

Here she is wearing Board Angels ‘I Heart Surf’ Top in navy and pink (£5.99) and a simple Board Angels Girls Pink Skirt (£4.99) , it is such a simple skirt which works well with the top as the emphasis is on the top rather than the skirt. And they both work well with the Board Angels Zip Through Hoodie (£7.99) and for you have a complete outfit. To make the mix and match work even better we also bought the Board Angels ‘I Heart Surf’ Top in grey and white. Tilly has worn Board Angels before and she loves the clothes, they always wash well and they don’t lose their shape. Tilly says they are sassy clothes and that they will help her to surf (not sure what planet she was on when I asked her that)

She chose Board Angels Girls Pink T-Shirt (£4.49) because it is butterfly heaven to her, she loves butterflies and this just looks so cute on her and again works well with leggings or the Boards Angels Pink Skirt.

Another brand that we were introduced to through MandM Direct was ‘Ribbon’ and they had a really cute little Ribbon Playsuit (£6.99) This is a great alternative to shorts and t-shirts and will fold us so small in Tillys holiday back pack when she is away. It is navy with white spots and it just looks so cute.

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