Thursday, 1 September 2016

My House #30daysofgratitude

I am joining up with some bloggers for the month of September to take part in the 30 days of gratitude that was started by Aurélie from, the idea is that we write everyday about things that we feel happy about. Its a  way to write about the things that make us smile and happy. So here is the first post of the month.

My House.

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The term 'my house' seems so impersonal, so I always use the phrase 'my home'. It sounds more of a loving environment and makes me want to be there more. But my home was bought in 2001,it was bought with money from a divorce and it was finally something that i could call my own. When I lived in our marital home, my ex husband would always tell me that he wasn't paying the mortgage that month if he didn't get his own way. So when I bought my home with my little family, I felt like it was mine and nobody could take it from me.

So I may have bought a 2 bedroomed house with 3 kids, but I told myself that I knew what I was doing. As the children grew, My home seemed to get smaller until it was absolutely bursting at the seems - I obviously didn't know what I was doing all those years ago!. As the kids got older, it did get more stressful living together in our home, but eventually the kids started to move out. Beth is doing her own thing, Kim lives a bit down the road from us and Zach has started his new life with Amber in Rotterdam. So It leaves just me and Tilly.

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Tilly and I are still getting used to being on our own, It is lovely because I have never had any alone time with her at all. But we both miss the noise, we miss the hectic-ness and we miss the laundry. I go days now before I have to put the washing machine on (it is 8KG - far too big for 2 of us). Sometimes I cook too much as I am used to cooking for my whole family.

My house will always be home to my children, I always say ''are you coming home today?'' And they say ''No we got out while we could......'' But they know that where we live will always be home.

#30bbdaysofgratitude challenge

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