Friday, 5 August 2016

The longest train journey EVER

Oh my days, I swear I am on the longest rail journey EVER today. We had decided to split the journey between Berlin and Amsterdam into two halves. It would have taken nearly 7 hours to have travelled in a day and that is too long for me to sit still let alone make my 6-year-old sit still for that amount of time. If we finish this whole holiday without getting DVT I will be so surprised! Tilly is coping amazingly well, she is still not complaining about the amount of travelling and the carrying of her bags. She does, however, get excited when we tell her that we are staying somewhere for more than one day. Whenever we get to a new city and it is early we drop our baggage off in lockers, it usually costs 5 euros for all of our bags and we can leave them for up to 24 hrs, Tilly calls this the best part of the day, she says she is in heaven. Her behaviour has been amazing and it goes to show she is really enjoying the trip. She has never been on a holiday like this before but has suddenly become an expert. She is having issues with throwing things in the bin, she seems to want to carry it all around, even though it is broken!

So we are on this 4 ½ hour trip from Hannover to Amsterdam, we decided last minute last night to book some seats and luckily we did, we got on the train and there were people in the seats. A couple were travellers, they apologised in English and moved along the carriage, they said they didn’t know they were reserved and asked us how we could tell. We showed them, after all just over a week ago we were learner backpackers in Europe. Now we are well experienced, having survived Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic and we feel that we could do this again, but spend more time in eastern Europe. Eastern Europe has been such an eye-opener for us, we will never complain for the things that we don’t have again. It has been such a learning curve for Tilly, she has learnt so much more than she would ever learn in a classroom. Hey, I know more than I did before I came on holiday.
Anyway getting back to the people sitting in our seats, one lady was German and we asked for our seat that we had booked and she told Eileen to sit on the aisle seat, errrmmm no! we had specifically booked a window seat and that was what we were going to get. I gave her the death stare and repeated reserved, she begrudgingly moved and muttered under her breathe. Eileen took her seat and sat down with her kindle, only she couldn’t concentrate as the women started to snore all the way from Hannover to Osnabruck – and she wasn’t a quiet snorer.

I, on the other hand am stuck in the aisle seat, with Eminem blaring out on my iPod and it is turned up to its loudest to drown out the Peppa Pig game on Tillys kindle, all I can hear is bloody ducks quacking and Daddy Pig talking – can you imagine 4 ½ hours of that? Exactly! That’s why my iPod is on. I do however have a fantastic view of a hottie sitting further down the carriage, he has a Justin Timberlake look about him and I am getting my eye candy fix.

As lovely as it is travelling by train, I have the attention span of a flea and have been ready to get off for the past 2 ½ hours! There are only so many green fields you can see on one journey and they all look the same. Maybe a more picturesque journey would have been better. These ICE trains are not the most comfortable either, there is no WIFI and the chairs are just not comfy. There doesn’t seem to be any air conditioning and as tired as the journey is making me, it's too uncomfortable to sleep. I did doze off at one stage but a woman walked past, carrying her child. That child hit me as she walked past and so rudely woke me up. I am trying to teach Tilly to be respectful in the different countries and yet the kids here have no respect.

We have just arrived at a place called Deventer, I have no idea where we are! But I know that there are only 1 hour 15 minutes until we get to Amsterdam, so the end is near! There is no WiFI on the train, but how is it that the eastern European trains can get it together to supply WIFI but as soon as you enter Germany it stops!

Anyway, I will catch you all later guys! I am just off to perv at the Hottie, down the aisle.

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