Thursday, 25 August 2016

Whats The Best Pay Day Loan? #vivus

At the start of the summer we found out that my company were going to monthly payments instead of weekly pay packets. This is daunting for so many people when this happens to you, I know from experience. I panicked when I first heard the plans for the monthly pay packets because I knew I would have to cope with budgeting for a month until I got paid again. Having a family means that you seem to be always paying out on things that the kids need. So with this month being the month that school uniform and shoes needing to be bought as well as the everyday bills - sometimes we need some extra help.

When you are savvy and looking for a one payment loan to come out of your pay packet, then there is no better place to look than Vivus. The company will offer you a loan until your next pay packet and the best thing is that you can borrow as little as £100 right up to £500. The sooner you pay it off, the less interest you will pay, but you actually have the option to pay the loan back up to 41 days later, so you have no worries if your pay packet is still a whole five weeks away.

The loans are easy to apply for, on the front page of the website you find a section that lets you use a slide to choose from £100 to £500 and then you choose the length of time in which to pay it back. You get to see for yourself how much interest you will pay back, so there are actually no hidden costs in the loan application. If it is your first visit to the company, then they also give you a discount on your first loan. This means that you get half price interest repayments on the first loan that you take from Vivus, saving you a bit of cash and meaning you pay back less that you would do.

Once you have chosen the loan you wish to take and the time to pay it back, then you proceed to give all of your details and go through with the loan process. You will have a credit check and when you pass the money could be paid into your bank account within 15 minutes and the loan agreement is sent to your email address. Vivus is a loan company and not a broker, that is how the interest costs can be kept down to an affordable cost and you know that you are communicating with the company themselves and not a third party. Paying your loan back is easy because it comes off your debit card, so it avoids the headache of remembering payments. If you're anything like me and forgetful, then this is the perfect way repayment for you. If you settle the loan before the agreed day, then you will pay less interest and you always have 14 days in which to change your mind about the loan too.

Next time something unexpected happens and you need some quick cash before payday to tide you over. You simply pop over to and they are on hand to help you out. As with other loan companies, you will need to pay back the loan on time to avoid extra costs.

This was a collaberation with, all opinions and wording is my own.

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