Monday, 5 September 2016

First Day Back At School 2016

THAT day has arrived! the day that all parents have been anticipating for all of the summer holiday. It is back to school for most of us. I have seen blog posts and friends comments across social media of how they feel about this day. Some of them wanting to keep their kids at home and others counting down the minutes until the school bell rings.

For me, when my brat  cherub goes back to school it is almost a relief - not because she is naughty and I can't wait to get rid of her but because child care is a nightmare for me as a single mum. I only work 3 days a week and my company are great for allowing me to work around my child. But it all goes to pot in the holidays. A few years ago when Tilly was in nursery, I was claiming my childcare from the tax credits. I had to because my child care was about £150 a week. But they did a random check as they are entitled to do and the nursery told them I was doing less hours than I was actually doing. Furious doesn't even start to describe how I felt as I was investigated for fraud. I was angry, embarrassed and worried. All because the nursery finances were in a mess, luckily it was all sorted out and the problem was shown to be on the end of the nursery. After three months, it was over. But from then I swore never to claim childcare again. I now juggle my hours with my eldest daughter Kim and my friends as well as after school clubs that I pay for myself.

We have a good routine in the school term but when it comes to holidays, all hell breaks loose. I live week to week with my child care and feel like a really crap friend when I am always asking for help. Luckily I get loads of free products from work like when I am at fragrance conferences. I get a fair few bits of fragrance and I use these to ''pay'' for my child care. My friends get perfume and I get childcare, this is the kind of bartering system I like.

I have recently become self employed because of the work on the blog, but working from home in the holidays is a nightmare! every 5 seconds i get ''mummy'' ''mummy'' ''MUM'' ''MUM LISTEN TO ME''. It is so flipping annoying, I wonder how other work at home mums do it? This summer holiday I tried to work around Tilly more. Even though we were only home for just over two weeks after our huge trip to Europe, the last couple of weeks were a nightmare. I was taking her to the outdoor pool in town and working on the laptop, trying to shield my laptop from dripping kids with water pistols! I hid under towels in the boiling heat to try and work, whilst trying to keep an eye on my child in the overcrowded pool. I tried to work through the night so it left the days free for her, but I was living on 3 hours a night sleep.

Now I am looking forward to sending Tilly to school in her brand spanking new uniform that will be a mess by the time she gets home.I am looking forward to being able to work from home for at least 6 hours. Roll on 8.45am when I will be shoving her towards the school gate and breathing a sigh of relief as she goes in. For now I have the days back for myself.

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