Thursday, 15 September 2016

Kiss Gel Fantasy False Nails

Last week I was invited along to a hotel in SOHO to be part of a press launch for KISS nails with Jess Wright. Jess has become the latest brand ambassador for KISS nails and lashes. So I arrived at the hotel and found myself in a suite full of beauticians applying some KISS nails to the gorgeous women in the room. Can you imagine going into a sweet shop and being faced with a huge selection of sweets, but only being able to choose one? well, that's what it was like, there were so many varieties of nails to choose from, starting with the imPRESS Press-On Nails to the KISS Gel Fantasy Nails. I chose a pack of Rock Candy Gel Fantasy Nails, I wanted something with a bit of bling. The beautician applied them and I asked her how long they would last. 'Up to a week', She told me! So I thought to myself, we will see about that because my fingers and false nails do not get on. Whenever I apply false nails, they fall off within hours. It's worse when I get drunk and lose them as the night goes on. So I thought that this would be a real challenge, I work in retail and by the time I have worked a delivery, they will have fallen off. BUT here I am 6 days later and my false nails have stayed in place. I am so pleased to have finally found some nails that stay put like they should do.

The Gel fantasy nails are beautiful, they are thick and I have had people commenting that they actually look like proper gel nails that have been applied under a heat lamp. They shine and have a 3D effect on the top of the nails, yet they are so smooth to touch. The nails are rounded and look lovely on your fingers, they are perfect for the party season coming up. The pack also comes with glue as well as tabs, I had the glue applied to my nails but the tabs should last just as long. As you can see by the image, the finished effect is classy and beautiful. I liked these nails because they were strong and there was no way they were going to split on my nails, as nails have done in the past. I also loved the way they looked so much like Gel nails that had been done in the salon. And at an affordable price, they work out at such good value. I have had these nails on whilst I gardened, worked in retail, Washed up (endless times), did laundry, did the housework, sorted stock at work. So they are ideal for someone who runs a normal life like me.

Five days later and the nails are still in place
There is a variety of the Gel Fantasy nails and they can be bought from places like Superdrug, Boots and Asda.

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