Saturday, 22 October 2016

12 reasons to travel with Interrail

People has asked me over the past few months why I chose to go InterRailing in the summer with my daughter who is only 6 years old. I know it is a different kind of holiday to take a child on and it is perfectly safe to do so. So why did I choose to InterRail this summer? Here are 12 reasons why I did it, and I think you should do it too.

  • You buy your ticket for the amount of time that you want to travel and there are no hidden costs unless you want to reserve seats or there is compulsory reservations. We booked seats on the busy journeys, but other than that we just boarded the train and took a seat
  • Kids under 11 travel with you for free! This saves you a few hundred Pounds. We used the kids travel free last year and it is also available again this year.
  • Inter Rail tickets are available to use in 30 countries in Europe, we managed to visit 8 countries including Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Czech republic, Germany, Holland, Sweden and Denmark.
  • You can travel from country to country with so much ease, you simply fill in the form on the ticket to say where you are travelling to and show it to the guard.
  • You can use your tickets to get free travel on some of the local train services in Europe as well as boat services. We used it on the S-Bahn in some major German cities, and also took a boat tour in Interlaken (we saved about £30 on the boat trip)
  • Some of the European buses give you a discount if you show your ticket. We received a discount on buses in Interlaken.
  • You get a reduction on hotel bookings by using your Inter Rail pass. You simply check online, which hotels are in the scheme and book using the special offer code.
  • You can use your ticket to get to the nearest border point in your own country. People travelling in mainland Europe could basically use their ticket to get out of their country but because we are an island, we had to use it to a border point. So we saved £48 by using it to get to Stansted airport and then we flew to Switzerland to start our journey properley.
  • You can choose to travel first or second class, we travelled second class but I think when we do it again I would upgrade to first class. This gives you more comfortable travelling and also access to first class lounges at train stations. 
  • It is perfectly safe, you find yourself travelling with people from all over the world. Yes I was the only one who took a child with me, but it was such an amazing experience for her because she was able to see so much and experience different cultures.
  • By choosing to travel with Inter Rail we were fortunate enough to be able to go away for 26 days in the summer, If we had booked a package holiday we would have barely been able to afford a week on a package holiday. 
  • International train travel with kids is amazing, they look after the little ones on board with child friendly compartments within carriages, on board cinema's, kids activity packs. Obviously each train company varies, but we have never had a bad experience.

At the moment Inter Rail are offering 15% discount on their passes, so why not get rid of those winter blues and book your ticket? You can travel Europe for £379 for an adult and a child. 

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