Thursday, 6 October 2016

A Visit To Blog On

A couple of weekends ago, I took my first ever trip to a Blog On blogging conference, They have been going for a couple of years and this was the first one that we had ever been to. The reason we had never been to them was because the conference is help in Manchester and we live in Kent so it was always such a long way to go. But I asked Kim if she wanted to come along and she did, so I thought it was a great way to show her how the blog actually works and little did I know - by the end of the day she had decided she wanted her own blog!

We took a slow slow national express bus up to Manchester, I had thought that maybe it would be a good practice for the 4 hour flight that I am about to take to Turkey, but I was soooooo bored! Eventually we arrived in Manchester and took a train to Warrington, where we stayed with our friend Jimmy and his partner. I know I may be a bit of a dunce at times but I never realised that Manchester was so close to Liverpool!

Anyway the next morning we arrived at the Museum of Science and industry in Manchester and it was all about Christmas, after all Christmas is such a busy time for bloggers and it was great to be able to get to meet some brands and participate in some Christmas themed sessions. We even dressed up in Christmas outfits and and got really into the Christmas spirit.

We met up with some amazing brands who spent time showing us the products on offer this Christmas as well as everyday brands, one of my favourite PR companies were there too - Carousel PR. We enjoyed Christmas food, had Christmas crackers and wore the most awesome Christmas masks. The day was a giggle and so much new blogging information was learned, I lost Kim to the sessions, whilst I drank Gin and had a manicure with the lovely girls from Carousel PR but she was so filled with excitement with all that she had taken in.

There was a raffle for a fantastic cause #TeamCowely are raising money for a prosthetic leg for Chris Cowley, who sadly had to have his leg amputated after discovering her had a rare form of bone cancer. Although the NHS provide a prosthetic leg, it is not one that Chris can use to carry on running and raising money for the charities that he has raised money for years. We donated to the raffle and won a fantastic interactive sister doll from Baby Born, which I will give to Tilly for Christmas as money is very short again this year. Kim also won some kind of Star Wars toy, I have no idea but its a geek thing.

So now I have so many idea's rolling around in my head and here I am at 23.40 writing with smoke coming out of the keyboard as I type so fast. But as I was stuck with inspiration for the blog, I am grateful for all of the lovely things going around my head. Look out for some amazing blog posts coming up soon.

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