Monday, 24 October 2016

An Adult holiday To Turkey - Week One Of Turkey

I am very lucky, I get to go away once a year on my own whilst Kimmy looks after Tilly. When Tills was a baby it was a sneaky trip to Butlins, But last year my friend asked me to go to Turkey with her, she had been asking me for a couple of years but the thought of it terrified me. So last year we went to Alba Resort in Antalya. We booked again to go this year with her son (Lee), but the resort never opened so we were put in the Alba Queen - a sister hotel next door. We decided that we would just have to make the best of this holiday because it was this hotel or nothing. Now I work hard all year round, If I am not working on the blog then I am at my real life job selling fragrance in Superdrug. I work 7 days a week sometimes and it is a relief to get some time off and just relax.

So we got to Gatwick on the friday night before our flight and spent the night in the Hilton hotel, between 3 of us it was £40 each, not a bad price for the room that we had. We relaxed, repacked bags as my suitcase was 2 kilo's over the limit, so i was stuffing it in my hand luggage,( hoping they wouldnt check it)  then had a good night sleep .... or so we thought! You all know what its like before a big adventure, nobody sleeps and we sat in bed giggling most of the night. That was when we come up with the idea to leave the dead body in the bed ...... it is so easy to do, just pop pillows on the bed in the shape of a body and wrap sheets around it. Then we made a quick exit and left the country.

Dead Body!

We got off the plane and dashed to passport control, we all know how busy it gets there! but Lin had lost her passport! we were horrified, we knew she had it to get on the plane. So we dashed back and searched the plane, She had the Thomas Cook air hostesses on their hands and knee's looking for the passport underneath the seats and it was no where to be seen. Even the Pilot came out to help look, the funny thing was that he was good looking and I had been trying to get a picture of him all flight. Anyway, lets not get distracted by the good looking pilot. We saw a member of the ground staff on the plane and asked him to radio the airport, in case it had fallen out on the ground. At this point it looked like Lin was going to be on the next flight home! The ground staff looked at Lin and said ''Whats that?'' pointing at her boob - It was only her bloody passport! So we had a plane of Thomas Cook staff laughing, Lin looking embarrassed and I got a photo of the pilot!

We arrived at our hotel the Alba Queen at about 11pm, and checked into our room. Then as soon as we dumped our bags, we were off to the pool bar for a drink. We stayed for a few drinks and then went down the road to the bar that they have called Faulty Friends, we just call it friends bar, and that was the start of my vodka fuelled holiday!

Lin had met some people before on previous trips to the resort, one of these people was max. We waited for Max to come back from the local disco at 3am, Then went for more vodka at the pool bar before finally rolling into bed at 4am. Little did I know that Max was going to become my partner in crime for the next week! When we go on holiday we don't drink in the day time, because you cannot enjoy the whole holiday experience if you are drunk day and night. So we spent days by the pool and in the pool and by 8pm we were down the bar. It was such an idyllic holiday. I am so used to being a responsible parent when I am at home and I don't drink in my house as I don't think it is good for Tilly to see it and think it is 'normal', maybe I protect her more because her dad is an alcoholic. I rarely go out at home, because all of the older kids have moved out and I don't have a babysitter. So I have to cram so much into two weeks - and I do it so well.

Max and his family

Me and Lin, getting up to mischief
So my first week was spent with us getting drunk with Max, his sister and grandma soon joined in with the fun and we had such a laugh. Most importantly they made me feel like a kid again, I somehow forgot I was the 43 year old mother of 4. If I was at home and someone called me at 3am to say there was a beach party, then I think I would have sworn at them. But when it happened on holiday I was like 'Ok, meet me in reception in 5 minutes'. The Alba Queen is mainly full of Germans, so we arrived and quickly made our mark by becoming the party table. the tables fit 4 chairs around them but some nights we had 9 or 10 people sat round it in the first week. The guys at the bar became known as the 4pm boys, because they were the ones that came in at 4pm and served our drinks all night and then had the most fun with us. We were lucky to have some of the staff from the old hotel in with the 4pm boys too.

4pm boys!
Who lets a drunk English girl draw on their face with a sharpie? obviously this man!

So basically my first week was spent partying until 4 or 5 am every morning, We would go to the pool bar, then down to Friends Bar, then the beach or back to the pool bar. What really made my day was when Max's sister Marie asked me to go to the disco with her, she is 16 and suddenly I felt like the coolest person in the world! My confidence just continued to grow as the week went on and all too soon it was time for Max, Marie and their grandma to go home. But I still had a week to spread Mayhem across Antalya .......

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