Monday, 3 October 2016

Elisa Wrap Front Metallic Maxi Dress From Pink Clove Review

I had been invited to the MAD blog awards with the TOTS100 blogging network and I had nothing to wear, I was not up for an award but it is one of the best nights in the blogging network! I was going to spend the evening in Kensington Garden Hotel and had absolutely nothing to wear. Luckily I was contacted by Pink Clover who asked me if I would like to review a dress. I am a size 28 and buying clothes is not much fun because companies always use tiny models to sell their clothes and obviously it looks totally different on someone who is larger or a different shape. Pink Clove do not use tiny models, they use proper women to sell their clothes.

I chose Elisa Wrap Front Metallic Maxi Dress and almost held my breathe for two days until it arrived as I really had left it until last minute. But it arrived in plenty of time and I fell in love with it straight away. It is very long and I am 5 ft 1 tall, so the dress does trail on the floor a bit, but it was okay for the occasion that I needed to wear it to. I love the cross over top to the dress because it works well with my bustand it goes down low which i like, but isn't too revealing. The dress is elegant and reminds me of something from the 1970's, which I love.

It is gold and metallic, and when I first put it on and walked around there were bits of the glitter from the dress flowing from the dress, someone said that I looked like a fairy spreading my fairy dust. The dress is comfortable to wear and I think flatters your body because of the way it is shaped and cut close to the body. I love the wrap in the front skirt part of the dress, I think it is very sexy and I felt really confident wearing it. My confidence has taken a real knock over the past year but its amazing how a beautiful dress can make all the difference to how you feel. I have dark hair (okay dark with bits of grey) and I think the dress looks really good on people with dark hair. This dress is also very lightweight to wear, It almost feels like a second skin, making it comfortable.

The dress costs £30 from and I wore it with some brown sandals and a chunky black beads and a black handbag. I really felt like belle of the ball and would like to thanks Pink Clove for the dress. The  Elisa Wrap Front Metallic Maxi Dress is available in sizes 16 to 28 and will cost £30 with free delivery with it arriving in 2 -3 days and if you don't like it, it is free to send it back too.

Now with all clothes that we review, I always wash and dry it to see how it comes up. Because that is one of the real tests, its no good buying some clothes if they don't wash very well. This dress washed on a quick 60 minute wash in the washing machine and I even accidentally put it in the tumble dryer, but It was fine. Although in the future I will hang it to dry because I love this dress so much and I want it to last forever!

My dress now is packed in my suitcase for my holiday to Turkey next week, have I told you guys how much I love it?

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