Thursday, 20 October 2016

Getting A New Bathroom From Premier Bathrooms

When I had Tilly I was nearly 40 years old, I have older children who are 24, 22 and 21 and then there is Tilly who is 6 years old. When I had her, I didn’t think about how old I was. It didn’t occur to me that I might be the oldest mum in the playground picking her up from school and it certainly didn’t occur to me that people would assume I was her grandma!! Yes people actually thought that I had hidden a pregnancy for one of my teenage girls.

Now as Tilly has got older my worries have changed. I do not worry about being the oldest mum at the school gates, because these days so many more older mums are having babies and in fact there are many mums that are my age picking up their kids. Now I worry about getting older and Tilly being the one having to look after me in my ‘mature years’. By the time Tilly is 25 I will be over 60 and all though that is not old in the grand scheme of things, you never know what the future holds and if I had an accident or some major health problems then I do wonder who will look after me? Is it going to be left with Tilly as she is the youngest or will it be the older kids who will be living with their own families and trying to juggle life?

We never know what it around the corner for us and as I have seen many friends look after their elderly parents with Alzheimer’s, then I actually realise how amazing people are that look after their parents. Recently my friend who herself is in her 50’s had a new bathroom fitted to help with her 80 year old mother cope with staying at home. 

With the help of Premier Bathrooms, she actually has a bathroom better than mine! I am jealous at the walk in shower they now have! When her mum moved in, she applied to the social services for help with the bathroom and they told her to take her mum down the local age concern centre once a week for a bath. This is why she ended up paying for her bathroom and she actually got a much better one than she could ever have imagined.

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Knowing that there are companies out there to help you as you get older or you have problems with your health, means that you can prepare for getting older and then it is less of a burden on your children. To find your own bathroom pop over to find the perfect solution

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