Friday, 7 October 2016

Taking An Adult Break

This time next week I will be lying on the beach in Turkey, Over the past year a lot of people have questioned my choice of going to Turkey, because of terrorism. But the majority of the terrorism is in Ankara or Istanbul and the surrounding areas. I go to Antalya which is 6 hours away by car from Ankara and 8 hours away from Istanbul. Turkey has had it tough this year with tourism and so many people are out of work because people are too worried about travelling there, but me? I will be happy to go to a holiday destination that is not too over crowded.

I am lucky that I have Kimmy who looks after Tilly for me so I do get a holiday on my own. It is usually an adult weekend in Butlins but last year it was two weeks in Turkey and when I enjoyed it so much, She offered to have Tilly again this year so that I can go again. I do feel bad that I am leaving them behind, but Tilly is in safe hands and they are going on a girls break to Butlins whilst I go away. I had spent ages looking for a cheap break for them to go on, but It was so expensive to go anywhere. Luckily I managed to get a Butlins break for £38! I have had to pay for four of them to go, but I am not going to grumble at that. It means they both get a bedroom each. It is on a room only basis, but I am sending them with porridge pots and pasta pots that you just add hot water too. I did have the choice to book meals for them but again it makes the cost so much higher, and it ties you down to eating at a specific time.

So I get to go wild and drink gallons of vodka, whilst flirting with the Turkish men, sun bathe is 30 degree sunshine and play pranks on everyone there, we booked through our Flight + Hotels through Thomas cook.

Whilst Kim and Tilly enjoy the fun of the fair on a traditional seaside break at Butlins, The thing they will enjoy the most is the fact that there is no mum around to see that they are eating packets of sweets before dinner and staying out late. There is no mum to tut and nag them. So they are as excited as I am!

So for now I need to go and pack my suitcase because it is no where near ready and today I head to the airport

We booked through Thomas cook, they have a good special offer at the moment and you can Book now and SAVE £200 PER COUPLE ON ALL OUR MAY & JUNE HOLIDAYS*.

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