Wednesday, 16 November 2016

20 Things That You Never Knew About Me!

I was challenged a while ago to write 20 things about myself that nobody knows, There isnt much that people don't know because I think of myself as an open person. We all have secrets and here are a few things about me that people might not know.

  1. I worked in Maidstone prison when I was a teenager.
  2. I have been the victim of domestic abuse twice 
  3. I am left handed
  4. I gatecrashed a swanky party that Lucy Mecklenburg was holding in London
  5. My son was kidnapped when he was a baby, I got him back over 24 hours later.
  6. I grew up in Germany, as a child of a member of the British army
  7. I went to boarding school and hid alcohol under the floor boards
  8. I got told off once for standing too close to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, apparently only men could stand there
  9. I am a big believer in revenge being served cold. If anybody wrongs me, I will bide my time.
  10. My favourite film ever is Dirty Dancing
  11. I gave birth to a 9lb 12oz baby without any pain relief!
  12. I have been to the place in Bethlehem where Jesus was born and placed my own 1 year old baby there (obviously the manger isn't there any more.)
  13. I went to Richard Branson's Christmas party when I was 18.
  14. I once ran the PTA at primary school, Can you imagine me doing that these days? NO neither can I.
  15. I left a child on a train once! Accidents happen though.
  16. I took my kids hitchhiking in Southern Ireland when they were little kids, something I would never do these days.
  17. I have been to Lapland and met the real life Santa
  18. I had a personal shopper in Tiffany's New York, when we went on a shopping spree a few years ago. We spent £3000 in minutes!
  19. My ex husband left me for a lady about 25 years older than me, Then they got married and my kids step brothers and sisters were older than their own mum. But as he was the reason for number 2 and 5, I feel like I came out winning.
  20. I have problems with change, If I don't like you when I first meet you,,... then I am likely never to like you. But If I gel with you, then you are my friend forever. People I don't like can buy me over with Vodka and chocolate though.
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