Friday, 18 November 2016

A Guest Post From Kim At Me, My Life And The Tardis

Hello my name is Kimberley I am Vicky's eldest daughter (and her favourite). I have done a few guest blog posts on here but after attending Blog On in September, I have decided to start my own blog. I thought I would spend some time here to introduce myself and my blog.

My blog is called Me, my life and the Tardis. This is because I'm a bit of a geek and particularly love all things Doctor who. I know all the companions, episodes and I frequently quote the Doctor. It drives my mum crazy! My blog focuses on my everyday life and the trouble me and family get up to along with some Doctor who posts thrown into the mix. I particularly like writing about family days out or Tilly and Kimmy days as they are never boring and writing about them always makes me laugh. 

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my little sister Tilly. I am slowly turning her into a Whovian as well and she knows that when she stays over my house we always watch Doctor Who! She already has a favourite Doctor! Tilly is used to mum blogging and so is willing to pose for photographs for my blog when ever we go out. She frequently asks for me to take more photos of her in different poses and is a bit of a diva! 

I also volunteer with my local Brownie group. Here I plays games, do crafts and work towards interest badges with girls between 7 and 10. Despite what people think, I have so much fun at Brownies and have even started making a camp blanket collecting badges for special occasions. At Brownies we do a lot of crafty activities and I try to add any good crafts we make to my blog. I hope you will all check out my blog. It can be found here

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