Thursday, 3 November 2016

Adults Only Trip To Turkey Week 2

So my second week in Turkey, is probably best not gone in to in much detail, so I will keep it tame ;) I always say that i should probably go home after the first week. Although I did calm down a bit in the second week and I  stopped partying until 4am - So it goes to prove that Max was the bad influence (and if you believe that, you will believe anything). I slept more in the second week and it did do me the world of good.

The sun was amazing and when you think it was mid October, it seems like madness. Again in the second week, the days were spent on the sun bed by the pool and within easy reach of the pool bar. Although we don't drink in the day time, we still need soft drinks all the time as it is so hot. We were so lucky with the weather as it rained once and that was through the night, so by 9am the following morning it as warm again and we were ready to leave our towels on the sun beds before breakfast.

The second week mean't we ventured out on to the shopping strip to buy our fake Prada and Gucci hand bags. The shops are full of so many products that are a fraction of the price and if you're not bothered about it being a copy, then you can get a Prada handbag for about £8. I did start to panic as I hadn't bought anything for the girls and of course when we left the hotel it kind of played on our minds about the rocket attack from the mountains that had hit a neighbouring resort, but to be honest, I probably had as much chance of getting run over buy on of their cars because I kept forgetting what side of the road they drove on.

By the middle of the second week I was getting very homesick. I was okay the first week because I had packed Kimmy and Tilly off on their own little holiday and I kind of felt a bit guilty at laying in the sunshine and them being back home in the colder weather. Little did I know they were busy having tea parties! And I soon forgot my homesickness when I was in the pool bar by 7.30 in the evening and drinking vodka whilst singing very badly. The atmosphere in the pool bar at night was amazing, the entertainment staff, the waiting staff and the bar staff all worked together to make it a brilliant atmosphere in there. They made sure all the holiday makers were happy, especially when we got a glass with 3/4 vodka and 1/4 coke!

I did have a beautiful fortnight away but by the end, I think the partying was taking its toll and I was ready to go home for a rest. We had booked a night flight home, so we could make the most of our last day and we caught the last bit of sunshine. We had an amazing holiday and made loads of new friends, especially Max, who I still speak to everyday! My holiday went so slowly this year because the days were so long and I squeezed so much into it. It almost felt like we had been away for a month!

I am very lucky to have Kim athome who takes two weeks off work to look after Tilly for me, so that I get a holiday on my own. I don't think she realises how much I appreciate it. ...... Until next year!

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