Friday, 11 November 2016

All The Fun Of Dreamland In Winter With Off Peak Wrist Bands

In the winter everything seems to close down, a few years ago we had Merlin passes and they cost a lot of money, but in the winter, none of the theme parks would stay open, so for a few months of the year, I felt like my passes were wasted! What makes good value with the passes for Dreamland is that it was open until the end of October and then is open again all of December for their Xmas.

Just because the summer is well and truly over, it doesn't mean that the fun has to stop alongside it. Just because the sun has gone, doesn't mean that we can't enjoy the things that we do all summer long and this year Dreamland in Margate have announced their new off peak wristbands to enter the park. This means that it is even better value to go and visit the theme park. The park became a free entry theme park in the summer and it has proved to be more popular this way because you only need to buy a wristband if you intend to go on the rides. I am not a big ride person but Tilly will go on them all so to buy her a wristband for the off peak times is only going to cost me £7 for a full day of rides for her! £7 is usually the cost of a couple of rides on a normal fun fare. For £10 I can get her an Access All Areas pass which will get her into the Octopus Garden (which I have to admit is fun for adults too) and the roller disco.

We recently went to Dreamland for their Get spooked, it was a Saturday and the weather was beautiful. There was a lot of fun to be had and the free activities were absolutely fantastic. One thing I can say about Dreamland is that they go out of their way to put on activities for the members of the public. the actors are always amazingly enthusiastic and draw kids into their little world.

Dreamland is fun for us adults because it is the older rides that we all went on as we were growing up. But now for the younger kids they are getting a lot more of the faster more thrilling rides in, so there really is something from teens to adults. There is a variety of kids rides, but for many you do need an adult to go on the faster rides with them. In the summer Tilly even made me go on the swing boats with her, whilst Kim and our friends got to ride the Scenic Railway. She isn't going to be little for long and soon she will be tall enough to ride the Scenic Railway too.

You don't need to worry about food because there are plenty of places to eat at Dreamland and there are also plenty of restaurants along the sea front too, so you can pop out and get a bite to eat. We usually get a bite to eat in the Octopus Garden because they cater for kids and have fab kids lunch boxes.

In December we have Christmas to look forward to and it all starts with a vintage market on the 3rd December, it is free for members to enter and £1 for non members if you buy your ticket online, but £3 if you buy it on the door.

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