Thursday, 10 November 2016

How Can South Eastern Get Away With Keep Cancelling Trains?

Dear South Eastern trains

I would like to apply for the position of CEO of your company because whoever is there now is doing a crap job!

For the past two days that I have been trying to get to work, your company have cancelled the trains. I know for you guys it is simply a cancellation but for people like me, people that struggle to pay their bills and need to get to work – it is a real pisstake!

So for the past two days I have been late for work, I am so so lucky to have understanding management that know it isn’t my fault but do you realise the knock on effect that your cancellations will cause? Well let me tell you! The staff at the train station are not even told what is happening, they are not passed on details of the delays or cancellations – so they can’t pass it on to the travellers. They are the ones that get the brunt of the angry customers, and it’s not their fault. Yet they are the ones who take the brunt of the abuse whilst you all sit in your offices, collecting bonuses.

I work in retail, that means if I am not there, they are a staff member down and it leads to shoplifting, less customer service, Queues, Over stretched sales assistants, Oh I really could go on with the list. It also means that I have to make the late time up, So I have to take time out of the precious few hours I have tomorrow morning to go to work earlier to make up the time lost from the cancelled trains. I am sure my management will say that I don’t have to bother – but I am an old fashioned girl who believes that I work for the money I earn. I work 7 days a week between my job and on my blog, so those few hours on a Friday morning that I get to myself are important for my wellbeing. You have so kindly taken that time away from me – Thanks guys.

So lets look at the cancellations shall we? Yesterday we were told it was signalling problems stemming from the Ramsgate area. It was pouring with rain, there were drenched and soaking wet school kids, there is no where for them to get dry. Nobody offered them a hot drink to warm up, in fact they were just left to their own devices. I too was soaked to the bone, but I figured it is winter and if one leaf falls on the line then the whole Network South East comes to a halt. We all know this is a fact! Todays cancellation was that there were not enough carriages to run the 07.36 from my town. WTF is that all about? Have you guys not heard of forward planning? Do you not organise it the day before. It really isn’t that hard is it? Or if there is not enough carriages to run to London, why not run a smaller train to the local stops to help all of our local people get to work because we all need to get there to help the south east of England function normally. No replacement buses have been put on, even though you knew in advance that you were going to cancel the trains.

If I cancelled going to work for a stupid reason, then it would lead me to be sacked, yet you are always cancelling trains and I have to ask myself how do you actually still have the franchise? When I think that I travelled all around Europe in the summer with my 6 year old, even going to some of the Eastern European countries and we never had a delayed or cancelled train. Countries much poorer than ours, still managed to run a brilliant train network and we couldn’t praise them anymore.

For now though this cancelling and delaying of trains is getting beyond a joke, I have no patience for it anymore. I have to commute to work and this is supposed to be the easiest way to do it but for the £10 I pay for a daily ticket, It really isn’t worth the hassle. You really need to get your act together, winter is coming and you need to be prepared for it.

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