Tuesday, 15 November 2016

How You Can Fuel Your Dream With Sun Pat

We all dream big and we wish for our kids to dream big, so we encourage them every step of the way. Although Tilly is only 6 years old, last year she told me that she wanted to travel in Europe. This was partly because her brother was going to live in Holland and partly because I think she has the same adventurous streak as I have. So it almost became my obsession to make this little girls dream come true. Last summer we did indeed travel Europe, by train and she loved every minute of it. It wasn't really a holiday because to me a holiday is designed to help you relax. This was our summer adventure and we went to 8 countries in 25 days! She loved every minute of it and to see that my daughter had seen her dream come true was amazing for me as a parent. You can read about our travels in Europe Here. Now she wants to travel in Eastern Europe, She has a zest for living! Sun Pat want to help you with your zest for living, by making your dream come true.

Tilly also has another little dream that she wants to come true, she wants to be a cheerleader. Ever since she saw some cheerleaders at the New Years Day Parade in London a few years ago, she has wanted to become a cheerleader. She wants to be thrown in the air and caught and she wants to dance with her pom poms. The closest we have become to making her dream come true was by signing her up to an after school club that was run by an outside agency and was a bit pants she said.

Sun Pat are working alongside Olympic hero Adam Peaty or TV presenter Helen Skelton to make dreams come true for two people. And as well as that, they are offering eight runner-up prizes of a year’s supply of Sun-Pat Peanut Butter and a £1,000 donation to a local group of their choice to ensure our future stars are equipped to achieve their own dreams. So Tilly could use it to get equipment and coaches for her school, then she can follow her dream again.

Good luck everyone

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