Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Interplay Animal Selfie Studio Review And Competition

We were sent an Animal Selfie set from Interplay UK for Tilly to Review and she has had so much fun with it. She is always taking selfies on my phone or on her kindle, but then doesn't every child these days? Its all part of the technological world that we live in these days.

We had some fun with the Animal Selfie set and it was so easy to do, Its perfect for kids of her age. You buy the set from Interplay UK for £9.99 and you simply download the app from your app store. When you open the app, you get to choose the animal that you want to be and you take a selfie. You save the selfie and can upload it to your Facebook account for some fun or you can send it to your email to print out. The print out has instructions of how to cut the picture out and make the item that you have chosen. Tilly chose to be a wolf, I think with it being Halloween, she was obsessed with werewolves.

The instructions were easy for her to follow and each animal design is separated in little individual bags, which are clearly labelled. The wolf itself took Tilly about 5 minutes to do and it was good for her fine motor skills. The only thing was that when we cut the picture out, all though we cut along the lines like we were supposed to but it was too small. So When we make another one, we will cut the picture slightly bigger.

Once the Werewolf was made, we took the double sided tape and added a badge to the back. These badges are the child safe ones, that just have a plastic disc that slots into another. So you can pop it on their favourite clothes knowing that they won't get damaged.

The selfie set comes with full instructions to make some cool stuff like badges, bag tags, photo frames, greeting cards or a door hanger. It is a fab stocking filler for Christmas or for a friends birthday gift. You do need to have a printer to be able to print your pictures off, but this is definitely a winner with us and there will be so much more fun to come when we make things up with the other animals.

We have a Selfie set to give away for a lucky winner, To be in to win one for your child's Christmas stocking just fill in the rafflecopter below.

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