Tuesday, 29 November 2016

My First Forever Friends Gifts For Babies

When we have a baby, their first Christmas is so special and we want to get them the perfect gifts. So here at Being Tillys Mummy we are highlighting some of the best baby gifts that we have found, to help you choose your perfect gift.

My First Forever Friends

This range of My First Forever Friends gifts are just so cute, The Snuggle Blankie is suitable from birth and it is made with super soft fabric, so it won.t irritate your baby. These toys are important for baby because they help with hand and eye development as well as stimulating your babies senses. this kind of snuggle blanket helps your baby to feel safe and secure. the blankie is part bear and part fluffy blanket for them to cuddle. The Starry Bedtime Nightshow, it has 3 warm shades that help to calm your baby and it projects stars from the bears tummy, these will create a calming and peaceful envronment for them. This bear will help get your baby into a bed time routine with the short burst of music as well as the light show. As well as lights and sound there is also a small photo frame on its foot that you can pop a picture in to also help calm your child. There will always be part of you in your child's crib. These are available from Jakks Toys and you can buy them places like Argos and kiddicare.

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