Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Num Noms Inspiring Tilly To Cook

Tilly does like to spend some time with me cooking, but sadly being a working mum its difficult to fit the time and the patience in with her to make cakes. Since Num Noms have come on the scene her urge to create food has got more intense and she is always asking me to buy baking things. Programmes like The Great British Bake Off are also feeding her urge to bake. Even though it is on past her bedtime, she is allowed to sit up and watch it with her older sister Kim.

Recently we were sent some Num Noms and it has inspired her again to create a recipe of her own. So she took a basic chocolate cake mix and gave it a Tilly twist! She takes her baking very seriously and my kitchen is barely big enough to swing a cat in, so the pictures are very close up. I tell you if more than two people go in my kitchen, you get wedged in to place.

So she mixed, stirred and added ingredients to her mixing bowl and then transferred it all to the bun tray. She wanted to make some cakes that had a chocolate flavouring but also add some peanut butter into the mix, this gave the cakes an almost savoury taste to them and then when they were cooked, she wanted to cover them with white chocolate that gave the cakes a very sweet taste. It was almost like biting into something sweet and then coming across the ''surprise'' of the savoury peanut butter. When the cakes were cooled, she then took some caramel topping and added it to the middle of the cakes. I had never baked anything like this before, but when it comes to kids, they have such a wild imagination and with the Num Noms sets, it encourages the kids to try different flavours together. When Tilly first received a pack, she wasn't sure how the flavours and smells could go together but now they are one of her favourite toys.

Having the Num Noms has made her more curious about different foods. When she was younger, she wasn't sure about different foods and flavourings - so toys like this do encourage the little ones with their food phobias.

Num Noms are cute little play food that consists of a Nom and various Nums. You use the Nums to create your own recipe's and just pile them on top of each other. The Num Noms also smell like the real food. They are available from most toy shops and also online like Amazon. They start around £14.99 for a pack of Freezie Pops Family Playset.

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