Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Teaching Kids Through Toys With Project MC2 Remote Control Car

Every good Project MC2 doll needs a sporty car to get around in and of course there will be lots of science involved in the car of their choice. Tilly was sent the H2O remote control car from Project MC2 to try out and give her opinion on it.

She is a big fan of Project MC2 and often watches the programme which is exclusive to Netflix. She has a few of the dolls and loves how each of them comes with an experiment to do. The characters are a bit of a superhero to her because they are spies and use maths, technology and science to help them solve their problems. This actually makes Tilly want to be involved in learning because she was never interested in learning, because she has severe dyslexia and struggles to read and write. but with these dolls and accessories, she can do practical experiments.

So back to the H2O Remote Control Car, it is so much cooler than another dolls car because you have to make the engine up before it will even work. You pop open the bonnet and place the engine in there, then you have to connect the engine to the car, this is simple enough because it is just two leads that are different colours. This shows Tilly how you need to connect the engine to make a car work, We don't have a car, so its good for her to be able to look in a car bonnet and know that she needs to connect the battery and wires to make the car actually work. This is a good lesson in science and technology.

Next you add water to the car, you fill the petrol can up with water, Personally I found this very time consuming as an adult and I used a jug to fill it faster. But kids will be happy to fill it with the petrol can and it will keep them occupied for longer! The water is needed to make the car work and when it is added to the car, it will make the car come to life. This is because the water completes the circuit between the battery and the motor. The flash lights will flash and within a few minutes it is ready to go. It was quite slow to start up the first time that we used it, but every time we used it afterwards, it was quick to start.

Using the remote control you can make your car go forward and make it turn, but it doesn't go backwards. The remote control is easy to hold and Tilly loved how it looks like a face. It is easy to hold by kids and is made of strong plastic that isn't going to break easily if it is dropped.
now this is the most awesome part of the car, when it drives forward, steam comes out of the back. It looks just like a real car and as it goes racing off with the headlights on and the steam coming from the car, it really does bring the dolls to life for your child.

S.T,E.M toys are toys that help your child to learn and this is definitely one of those toys that will educate as they play. Tilly has learned about the science and technology behind driving a car, she has learned that sometimes you need to add something else to make a product work, she has learned about circuits and how they make toys work. She also learned about measuring because she had to fill the petrol can up 4 times to fill the car up. I did like that they make a big thing of making sure you buckle up in the car and how easy it was to put the seat belt on.

This remote control car retails at around £59.99 but at the moment it is on sale on Amazon for £48.44, saving you a bit of extra cash in time for Christmas. It is also on sale on www.smythstoys.com. This really isn't just any car, it is an educational toy that will help to teach your kids about science and maths. If you are looking for something for your child for Christmas, you will definitely be on a winner with this one.

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