Friday, 25 November 2016

Ten Reasons Why I Deserved This Most Wanted Wine

In the week I was sent 2 bottles of wine from Most Wanted wines as a birthday gift. The wine is available from places like Co-op, Nisa and Sainsburys. There are four bottles in the range and they put fun back in to wine, because wine isn't just for stugffy old wine drinkers anymore - its for fun loving people ...... like me! So as i opened my bottle of wine tonight I didn't feel guilty at all - not one  little bit.. 

The Albarino is an award winning, crisp and fresh wine from Spain, It tastes of grapefruit, tropical fruit and peach. It works well alongside seafood and salads, or just as well drinking it on its own after a long hard week at work.

So here are the 10 reasons why I deserve this bottle of wine tonight!

  1. Because I managed to keep my kid alive for another week. 
  2. Because I had PMS as well as my bipolar and I never harmed anyone. 
  3. Because I managed to do 5 school drop off's on time. 
  4. Because I paid £600 worth of bills this week! 
  5. because I didn't have a meltdown when I lost my purse. It later turned up at home
  6. Because I made it round the supermarket without crying. 
  7. Because it is Friday
  8. Because I love this wine 
  9. Because it's my birthday weekend
  10. Because I dealt with stupid people all week and smiled my way through!
Cheers guys!

You can find out more about Most Wanted Wines from

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