Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Vileda Windomatic Review

When we were asked if we wanted to review a Vileda Windowmatic, I thought it would be excellent for the condensation on my windows. Tilly has asthma and I always worry about the condensation on the window making it look and feel damp in my house. Obviously this is not good for her asthma, so I thought, lets give this a go! Vileda are a good brand that everyone uses on a daily basis.

We used it in the bathroom, because you know how steamed up the bathroom gets, especially if you like a hot shower or bath. So firstly it was the glass shower door, this was so wet and rather than wipe it over and causes it to smear and you lovely glass work looks a mess. With the Vileda Windomatic, it is like a handheld vacuum cleaner and it sucks the condensation up into a small compartment within the Windomatic. It sounds like a hoover too, so it can be noisy as you do it.

The Windomatic is a cordless handheld piece of equipment so it really is easy to get in to the places that you want to and It means it is perfectly safe to use in the bathroom. As well as the glass shower doors, we used the Vileda Windomatic on the bathroom mirror. When you use it, it means that there is no need for you to use kitchen roll or a cloth, because the Windomatic collects every bit of water from the surface. In the bathroom you can also use it on the tiles!

Windows are easy to use too because it is cordless and your windows look amazing after the job is done. I hate cleaning the windows normally but this way is not just clean but also very quick. The Windomatic has a flexible head and it comes with full instructions. It is quite light to use and the compartment that collects the dirty condensation can easily go in the dishwasher to clean it. It is quick to use and easy to charge up, you simply plug it into the charger and leave it.

I don't think I will ever wipe my windows again! The Vileda Windomatic is available from for £49.99, and it is worth every penny as we give it a 5/5 rating, it is noisy but as its a vacuum, it really is to be expected. I like the fact that it is cordless because it really means that you are not limited as to where you use it. And it is so easy to empty, it literally took minutes to empty out. We have added a video, so you can see that there are no smears as it works to clear your glass surfaces.

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