Monday, 14 November 2016

When Meeting For Coffee Leads To Afternoons Of Creating Perfumes And Playing Bingo!

Recently I met a friend for coffee in between work, now you all know I work on a Fragrance counter and I love it. I know all the fragrances that we sell. But upon Finding the jacket that she had been wearing on the chair, I was drawn to the perfume I could smell on it, I wasn’t just able to recognise the beautiful smell. The perfume that she wore had a unique scent, so intoxicating and unconventional that it was hard to forget. 

After returning the jacket to her the next day, on asking her which perfume it was I found that it was called ‘Dirham’, an oriental perfume popular in the Middle East. Unable to forget this scent, I proceeded to do some research and found the composition of this scent- Vetiver, bergamot, cardamom, lavender, Jasmine, Cedar, rose, Sandalwood and Lemon. Surprised to see the number of individual scents that made up this unique intoxicating mix, I curiously set foot into the fragrant world of aroma study and experimentation.

With websites on the internet giving a comprehensive explanation on the science behind perfumery- the different ‘notes’ of scents, the mixing of these essential oils and fragrances with ‘carrier oils’ and making perfume using alcohol, I was awestruck. I no longer had interest in buying exotic perfumes, I was more curious about creating them myself. I have blended oils before and had fun with them

I ordered my first batch of essential oils in relatively demure scents- jasmine, rose, lavender. I began mixing them in different combinations, keeping in mind all that I had read about the blending of essential oils, the top notes, the middle notes and base notes. My sense of smell was inundated with these exotic perfumes and I began to understand the what scents different people preferred. My best friend prefers a woody, spicy scent, while my colleague prefers a citrusy one. I discovered my own preferences and blended them to create perfect perfumes that have now become a signature scent.

Just as certain music is associated with certain memories, we associate certain scents with certain people and our experiences with them. On special days, I wear my ‘memory’ scent. A special blend I make note of before I wear. Months after, I recreate this scent and not just recapture the unique blend but also the memory associated with it. The recall is perfect and with complete clarity.

Usually when I make alcohol based perfumes, it requires a period of waiting- allowing the essential oils to blend in with the alcohol base. During this time, I like to flip through a few online bingo sitesand play along a few game of bingo- the perfect pastime during a perfume wait.

Go ahead, order a batch of oils and create your own unique, heady scent. It’s worth your time and effort, I assure you.

This post was a collaboration with BetWay Bingo

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