Thursday, 10 November 2016

When You Find Out Your Child Has Dyslexia

A few weeks ago we found out that Tilly has dyslexia, and it was a total shock to the system. Dyslexia is no mystery to us because Kimberley has a severe case of dyslexia that wasn't picked up until she went to grammar school (despite me asking for her to be tested). I was lucky she went to a school that was worried about their statistics and at the time they were the top school in Kent, because this mean't that she got a lot of help and encouragement to keep her in line with the other girls at school .She was given a dyslexic dictionary and extra time in exams. I suppose although dyselxia runs in the family I suppose I was still a bit ignorant to it and although I supported Kim as much as I could. I never really went out of my way to learn more about it. When Zach went to secondary school, it was found he had a touch of the dyslexia too. I have it myself too on a small scale, I do mis read numbers more than words but as I am older, I was just left to get on with things when I was a child. Children with dyslexia were just classed as thick or stupid and I remember as a child, getting told off by the school because my reading was so poor. I was almost labelled as lazy. So I did make sure my kids got the help they needed and deserved. It showed because Kimmy went off to uni and got herself a degree and Zach has gone on to work on golf course in places like Norway and Holland.

I actually thought all the dyslexia struggles were behind us, but little did we know what was about to happen. Kim noticed a few things about Tilly and when she was getting 3 out of 12 for her spellings and as much as we tried to teach her, she was still getting her letters the wrong way round. Kim said to me one night 'Mum, I think Tilly has dyslexia' I was taken aback  a bit and wrote a note in her school book asking for her to be checked. I expected a battle on my hands to get her tested as I had when the older kids were little. But surprisingly the teacher tested straight away!

I was asked to make an appointment to see the teacher and I had to wait for 4 days before that appointment, it was 4 long days but I still was convinced that she needed some extra help and they would just place her in senco classes or something. I started to blame myself for not encouraging her more in her reading and writing. She had never been interested, even in reception class. But when I arrived at the meeting they came right out with it ''Tilly has severe dyslexia!''.  I wanted to grab my child and run, i had seen the struggles that the older kids had been through and I wasn't ready for Tilly to go through the same. The school how ever were fantastic! they explained that they will work alongside her and not single her out. My biggest worry, I suppose was seeing her singled out and having to be 'different' to the other children.

I know Tilly will work well with her dyslexia because she has an amazing role model in her older sister, Kim hassuccessfully finished grammar school with A levels As and Bs, she went on to Uni and finished with a 2-1 in psychology and criminology. So she has proved everybody wrong and I know that Tilly is capable of doing the same too. Her teacher has said today for someone so severely dyslexic, she is coming on really well with her reading. I am so proud of my baby because she doesn't let anything knock her down.

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