Thursday, 8 December 2016

Choosing The Correct Pencils For Your Child With Write Size

When we got the Dyslexia diagnosis with Tilly, we could finally move forward. She has never been a child that has been keen on writing and reading. I thought that she was just an out door girl and just wanted to play out instead, so I never pressured her to draw when she was younger. When she went to Nursery, they told me that she never was interested in drawing and that she was struggling to hold a pencil. I wasn't worried until it came to her getting ready for school, then panic set in that she couldn't hold a pencil. I do believe that kids are pressured too young to be prepared for school, so I had never pressured her but you kind of get forced into preparing your child for school and she was only three at the time, she was still a baby.
So she manged to get through Reception class and Year One, but in Year Two, she got her diagnosis. So now is the time to really encourage her to read and write. We are finding ways to make things easier for her and I give her coloured paper to write on. I also give her Write Size pencils. These pencils are designed to be the perfect size for kids. I wish we had these when Tilly was at nursery, because she would have coped with drawing so much more. The Write Size pencils come in 3 different sizes.

Age 2 - 6, these pencils are quite chubby for their little hands and are only about 3 inches long. they are made to scale to fit in their little hands and the kids have better hand control because the pencil is not long and heavy. This is the size that Tilly prefers but she is at the top end of the scale for these as she soon should be moving on to the next size.

Age 6 - 10, this size is for kids with more confidence in their writing, they are longer and the lead inside the pencil is thinner. This enables more control over the letters that they form, and helps them to excel in their writing.

Age 10+ This is the larger size and they are about an inch longer than the  6 - 10 size. They are perfect for kids that are still struggling to use a full size pencil.

So what is special about these pencils?

Greater durability  They are thick and sturdy to use
Great Grip and control  They are made to scale of a child's hand, so the pencils are easier to control
Longer lifespan They are built to last with longer lasting and strong graphite.
Environmentally friendly  They are made like this to protect our environment.
Writing made quicker and easier  Because of the correct size that they are, they give kids confidence to write and they find writing easier.

Writing and drawing doesn't come naturally to many kids and it certainly didn't to Tilly, so these have helped and encouraged her to put pencil to paper. The graphite is dark and makes it a lot easier to see on the paper, this also makes it better for Tilly to see on her coloured paper. I do like the size of the pencils because they are obviously easier for the children to use, but I need to encourage Tilly to swap to the 6 - 10 size as she needs to start forming her letters better and the graphite in this size is thinner for forming words. 

The pencils are easy to grab from a pencil pot because they are all colour coded on the top of each size, meaning that your kids will always have the correct size. The pencils are available from for £3.99 a pack of 5. They also offer writing pads for kids to practice writing from ages 2 - 6 years. 

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