Thursday, 1 December 2016

Christmas Crafts From Twinkl

We all know that the best Christmas decorations are the ones that our kids make, there is something special about them as they are made with love. So as we had a Twinkl subscription we thought we would take a look at the Christmas crafts they have to offer.

We found a wide variety from a Christmas wreath that you cut out and stick and it looks lovely on Tillys art wall. But there are Christmas tree decorations to make and this year they have a john Lewis section of crafts that the kids can make, they include animal masks from the Christmas advert. Tilly loves the John Lewis advert with the animals on the trampoline, and for it to be bought in to our home for the holiday season, just makes it special for it.

The projects are printed in colour and come with full instructions, that are easy for kids to follow and thankfully easy for mummies to understand too! As well as ready printed decorations they have printable drawing pages for mums to do to, meaning y ou can take some time out and relax, because colouring is good for stress.

Here are a few of the Christmas activities that we have printed off to make with Tilly.

We made a 3D Christmas wreath and it literally took less than 5 minutes to make, so it is good for kids with a short attention span like Tilly. It was simple to follow the instructions and we stuck it together with PVA glue, but this leaves it feeling wet for a while after, you might be better using a good quality glue stick.

The Christmas baubles were a little bit more fiddly to do and its better to help your child a lot with this one because you have to fold tabs over to make a cube shape. we made them on paper but they would work so much better on some card. you get six in the set, and each one is different. It really adds a bit of originality to a Christmas tree and is a great little gift for a grandparents tree. You could even use these boxes as small gift boxes on the tree, they are perfect for jewellery or small chocolates. Ours look no where as good as the ones on the Twinkl site.

You can even try your hand at some origami, We found the Christmas tree easy to do but there was also a star that was more difficult and needed loads of patience. It was good for Tilly to see something created from folded paper.

Lastly we found some John Lewis printables on the Twinkl website, everyone loves the John Lewis advert and unless you have been hiding, You must have seen the advert this year with the animals jumping on the trampoline, it is Tillys favourite advert for christmas and we were able to print off the masks for her to colour in.

You can find these printables and many more on and you can make yourselves a real homemade Christmas this year, it is also great to have something to keep kids occupied in the winter, when it is too cold to go out.

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