Monday, 5 December 2016

Dyslexia Resources Online At

When I found out that Tilly had severe dyslexia, I had taken out a subscription with Twinkl, that very week and sent them an email asking them if they had any resources that could help with children with dyslexia. They were very helpful and showed us where to look.

Having something like this that is accessible from you own home computer, is actually a godsend because it means that I can support Tilly in my own time as well as getting the support from the school.

So what is different about the projects for children with dyslexia?

With dyslexia, black letters on a white background means that the letters or numbers jump about on the page, making it difficult for Tilly to understand. So with Twinkl you can use the search option and type in dyslexia resources and it will find you good projects for them to do. Children with dyslexia need to use a different font to be able to understand what they are reading and also a different coloured background to help the letters stay in one place and then they don't jumble up. It also helps if you print the projects on to coloured paper for your child. Although every child with dyslexia is different and we are still finding out what is best for Tilly.

There are lots of learning resources on the Twinkl website for children with dyslexia as well as other educational needs and this really has helped us at home to encourage Tilly to do some school work at home. She has never liked doing the homework that school sets her and with the dyslexia, I can now understand why she hated writing. Now with slowly learning about dyslexia and finding her own way to cope with it. She is enjoying working at home again and there really is endless things for her to do. is free to use the basic resources but in order to get the best resources and 365 day Twinkl support, then you will need to upgrade to the Premium package for £64.99. It is worth it because you have full access to all of the National Curriculum activities as well as some premium crafts to do with your child. If you have a child with SENCO needs then I really suggest becoming a member of Twinkl and you will find that most schools use this too.

In the upcoming weeks we will be using Twinkl alot, not just for the dyslexia resources but also for the fab Christmas crafts that they have going on at the moment.

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