Thursday, 22 December 2016

Give The Gift Of Books For Christmas

Books are important for kids, they help their imagination grow and it helps them to create a world of their own. When the older kids were little, I made sure they were always surrounded by books. Its easy enough for us to pop a DVD on for our kids and let them watch that but a book always goes into the story in much more details and you get the chance to picture the characters, as you want them to be. Kids these days are surrounded with Disney films and netflix cartoons, that they often miss out on the ''proper'' stories from when we were kids. Just after Tilly was born, I mentioned some fairy stories to another new mum and she was very much younger than me, In fact I a 44, so its not hard to be younger than me! But the young mum had never heard of the fairy stories that I was telling her about and admitted if it wasn't a Disney DVD, then she didn't know it. This saddens me, because kids do not practice reading and using their imagination.

We were sent three books from Penguin Random House. we were asked who we would pass them on to and why, So as it is Chrsitmas we are going to give them as Christmas gifts.

We were sent

Alfie And His Very Best Friend by Shirley Hughes, we are going to give this to my cousins son, He is 8 years old and him and Tilly are quite close, they are good friends even though they live 3 hours away from us. Alfie And His Very Best Friend is about Alfie and his BFF called Bernard and follows the adventures that they have.It is a story of friendship for the little ones.

The Tale Of Kitty-In-Boots by Beatrix Potter, I am giving this to Tilly because it is a good traditional story for her to read. We like this book because it is also illustrated by Quentin Blake, who is such a great Illustrator. This book will be going in her Christmas eve box, so we can cuddle up and read. This book is full of mistaken identities and devious villains,You even come across Peter Rabbit in the story. I think all kids should have a beatrix Potter story, because the stories are told with such passion and dry wit. They are the most fantastic classics that your child could read.

The FairyTale Hairdresser and The Princess and the Pea by Abie Longstaff and Lauren Beard, This is the perfect book for Summer, Tillys little best friend. We went to Kidzania recently and she wanted to be a hairdresser, so we know she will love this book. I like the illustrations because they appeal to kids between 6 and 9 years old. The front of the book is all glittery and girly. Summer's mum sometimes collects Tilly from school for me, so this is a little thank you for them both. This story follows pricesses visiting a fairytale village for the chance to marry the handsome prince. You can read about all the fairytale favourites and the princess hairdresser in this lovely story.

If you could give books to somebody, What would the book be and who would you give it to?

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