Saturday, 10 December 2016

Leap Tv Review From Leap Frog

Sometimes I really hate that it is so cold outside and Tilly cannot run around like a maniac outside. In the summer she lives outside, but in the winter it is so bitterly cold because we live right on the seafront and the wind is awful. So all winter, she seems to live on her Kindle. I hate this because she is so bored and she isn't getting enough exercise.

So as it was recently St Nicholas Day, she was allowed a sneaky Christmas gift and she was thrilled with it. It was a LeapTV from Leapfrog. It is basically a WII for your child. It was easy to set up as it connects to your TV by the HDMI lead and then it connects to the WIFI in your home. Please make sure you have the HDMI cable space behind your TV, because my TV is so old, that it didn't have one and we had to get Tilly's TV from her bedroom. There is a little camera that you place in front of the TV and you make sure the child is central to the TV. The camera is used for the motion part of the games console. You have a handle on the controller that you strap around the child's hand, to prevent them dropping it. Tilly has never had a console like this before but it was simple to use because it was mainly the ''A'' button that needed pressing. The kids can change their profile picture from a selection of images that are already in the console.

You can downloads games at a cost or you can buy some cartridges from good retailers. we have Frozen and it follows Anna, Elsa and Olaf as they travel through Arendelle, collecting snowflakes, solving maths problems and helping the characters put numbers in order. Frozen has obviously gone down well in this household with Tilly and we are working through the year 2 maths. The maths problems that need solving range from Number sequence, Place Value, Adding and subtracting as well as 2D and 3D shapes. It is for kids from age 4-7 and Tilly is very bright, so finds some of the maths problems quite easy. The cartridges are easy for children to slot in and out of the console.

The console itself did take a bit of setting up, Your child sets up a profile with their name and you add their date of birth, it connects to the WIFI but there is no way they can access the actual internet at all, so there is no worry about them and their internet security. It comes with a controller that you can transform easily from classic play to pointer play for some of the certain games. This is a very active game for the kids and it is so much easier for them to understand. The controller is chunky and only has a few buttons that they need to use, as I said earlier Tilly had never used a console like this before and took to it really easily.

I think this was very good value for money and it keeps Tilly and her friends in stitches of laughter, they encourage each other and there is lots of laughter. LeapTV can be bought from Amazon for £24.99 and the Frozen game can be bought for £12.99 from Amazon. This should be on your Christmas list this year for your kids because it really does offer hours of fun, and its better than them sitting around doing nothing.

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