Monday, 12 December 2016

Our Christmas Traditions

When I had my little family, many years ago, I wanted to start loads of traditions that were special to us. There were some traditions that I carried over from when I was a child, but others were new. There is something special about your little family traditions and even as the older kids grew into adults, they still had that child like look about themselves when it came to Christmas.

I spent most of my childhood in Germany and they go in for Christmas in a huge way! so to me Christmas has always been big. I loved it as a child when we would all go to my Nans house and the whole family would get together. I do love big Christmases.

As my kids have got older, they have made their own way in the world, but Kim and Zach always come home for Christmas. I see alot of myself in Tilly as she is preparing for Christmas now, she is making sure that there is a lot of people around our table on Christmas day. I try not to feel offended that she has told me she doesn't want to spend the day with just me and her! Its because I have some fab memories of big family Christmases and I want to give that to her. Sadly I am estranged from my parents so we don't have grandparents around at Christmas, but to be honest - Tilly has never asked for them. So we have our little traditions and I want to share Christmas day with you.

We go to midnight mass (whilst tracking santa on the Santa app) and we are trying not fall asleep as the service goes on, Then we have to walk the whole mile home at 1AM in the bitter cold. That is when the Christmas gifts are allowed to go under the tree. After all if the gifts are under the tree in the run up to Christmas, it kinda takes the magic out of it all. That's when I gather the Christmas stockings and epic-ally fail because all the the stocking crap doesn't fit in there, so I have to rummage around for carrier bags. As the kids were growing up, I used to like my lay in on Christmas day (I still do) and for this reason, I have always bought loads of stocking gifts and wrapped them individually with loads of tape around them. The stocking would include a drink and fruit as well as loads of chocolate. This would keep them occupied for hours and it meant that I didn't have to get out of bed until about 10. Personally I think I had Christmas morning down to a tee! These days however it is different. Since Tilly came along we all want to see her open her stocking, so everyone gets in my bed and we all open our stockings. I do love the fact that all my kids still want to get in my bed! This year however we have Amber - I am not sure what she will feel about it. hahahahaha.

This year Tilly has a trampoline for Christmas, I am not sure how we are going to hide it from her in the run up to Christmas, but I think I will have to make it up in the dark on Christmas eve! All this to keep Tilly believing in Santa. A little tip, if you are buying your child a trampoline, do read up some tips like These trampoline tips. so you buy the right one for your child - its a trampoline minefield out there

With the stockings open, we go down stairs, the music channel blares out Christmas songs and we have hot mince pies and cream for breakfast (a tradition that is carried over from my childhood). Thats when mummy opens the baileys (for years it was sherry, but then I discovered Baileys and I have never looked back!). We open one present after breakfast and then we start to get the dinner ready. Zach always says it will be ready by 1pm, but by then the alcohol is flowing and we forget the dinner!We finally sit down to Christmas dinner about 3 hours late. By the time we sit down to eat, we are all giggles and tired. I always buy too much food for Christmas - don't we all though?

Board games - we always buy a new one for Christmas day, its been a tradition since the kids were little. Then as they got older we the games got more fun and grown up. As Tilly came along, we went right back to basics and last year we had some Aladdin game.This year we have Doh Nutters, a game where we have to wear elephant masks, this is going to be hilarious after a few drinks.

Then its time for the afternoon sleep in front of the Christmas afternoon programmes, we wait in anticipation for the Christmas day programmes and then after what I think is a couple of small glasses of Baileys (and is in fact a whole bottle) all I want to do is take a nap. I ask myself the same question every year, how did I drink a whole bottle? A bottle of baileys can last me for months and months, yet on Christmas day, a bottle lasts a few hours! my kids would say, that is optimistic and it lasts an hour.

We don't really eat an evening meal because we are so stuffed with the late lunch and all of the chocolates tins that we have opened, I mean really? Is there a reason I have to buy a tub of Roses, a tub of Quality Street, A tub of Heroes and Celebrations? they last for months and months. We really do over spend at Christmas. This year money is tight so some things will have to give, but we will still have far too much food.

Do you have any Christmas Traditions? let us know what they are in the comments below - because I am nosey and I want to see what everyone else does.

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