Friday, 9 December 2016

Playbrush Making Cleaning Teeth Fun (Review)

Tilly is six years old and for as long as I can remember, she has been an absolute nightmare when it comes to cleaning her teeth! Over the years, I have tried so many different toothbrushes from a One Direction one to an electric toothbrush. it is a daily fight with her to get her to understand that she needs to clean her teeth for two minutes and a quick brush across the front, just doesn't cut it. I am sure there are many parents out there that are having the same struggles with their kids,

We were sent a Playbrush to review with Tilly and I must admit, even I want one now! It is a manual toothbrush that fits into a rubber holder and turns your toothbrush into a game controller. Now we live in a world of technology and kids are always playing some kind of computer game, so incorporating it into something that they have to do everyday is just such a good idea.

I did find the Playbrush a bit difficult to squeeze into the holder, but that's because it needs to be tight, to hold the toothbrush in. The playbrush packet comes with a Signal toothbrush, but if your child has a favourite toothbrush or you like to stick to a certain brand, they they fit in the holder too. You have to charge the holder up, but it comes with a USB lead that you plug into a wall charger and I left it to charge over night for the first charge. It blinks a red light whilst it is charging and then is a solid green colour when it is fully charged.

The games are downloadable for free from the App Store, Kindle store or Google Play and there is a choice of games. There are 4 games to cjoose from  but we chose a princess game for Tilly, all you need to do is search Utoothia or playbrush. You need to connect your phone or device to the Playbrush by using the Bluetooth capability, something that took a couple of attempts, but the phone prompts you through and tells you what you have to do next.

Give your child the toothbrush and get them to clean their teeth, the app will tell them where they need to clean by getting them to shoot the little critters and because it has become a game, then it is so much more fun for the little ones to clean their teeth. They almost forget what a chore it can be because they are busy zapping critters. It tells you when the kids have nearly cleaned their teeth and also when the time is up. If they are not cleaning enough in one area, then the critters will get closer and closer to the princess. But the best thing about the Playbrush is that it tells you which parts of the teeth they have cleaned and which parts they are not cleaning.

I do like the whole concept of bringing technology to a chore that kids really hate doing but from our own experience,  the app was quite fast and Tilly was concentrating on zapping the same critters all the time as you can see with the chart that shows where she has cleaned her teeth.  I do like that it monitors where they have cleaned and I think she needs reminding to clean all of her teeth, not just the ones that have critters to zap. The Playbrush is available from Amazon and is on sale for £31.42 for the full starter kit, this includes the Playbrush, toothbrush and the smart phone protector (to prevent water damage in the bathroom)

It is recommended by dentists and should help you a to encourage your children to clean their teeth. I know because Tilly wants to clean hers four times a day now. The timer on the app makes sure they clean their teeth for the two minutes and as they are playing the game, they don't notice the timing at all. 

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