Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Scentsicles Review

Decorating your tree is such a fun thing to do, When the kids were little, we all got involved in decorating the tree. Now with it just being Tilly at home, it is left to her. We don't have an OCD tree, and it is decorated in many different colours, but decorated with love. But when you have an artificial tree, there is nothing to make it look real. As much as I try to look for a tree every year that looks so close to a real tree, I never find the perfect tree. Do you know what is missing? Its the smell! real tree's have that Christmas smell and it makes them seem so special and complete for the holiday season. You know when you open your front door and the smell is so inviting? Thats what I miss.

So we were offered some ScentSicles to add something different to our Christmas tree. Each pack of ScentSicles comes as a tube with sticks that are 5 inches long. Each stick has a whole on the end and the pack comes with some pretty hooks. All you need to do is pop the hook through the hole and hang it on the tree. This adds a touch of fresh cut tree to your artificial tree.

ScentSicles are very enviromentally friendly and they are completely natural. They are biodegradable and made from sustainably managed paper. So this is a bonus because we like environmentally products at home. Each ScentSicle is infused with a pure and authentic fragrance, so they give a long lasting aroma for 30 days. So if you put your tree up at the start of december, then they will last until after the Christmas period. The smell is quite strong (which is good) and it is a good idea to use half of the pack to start with, and then if you want it stronger, then you can add more to get the right aroma.

Although they come with hooks, you can use your imagination and add them to your Christmas wreath to add a touch of Christmas smell or you can do what we have done and wrap ribbon around them and use them as a tree decoration like that. We used Snow Berry Weath ScentSicles for our tree, but the range of ScentSicles come in 6 different aroma's for you to choose from. You can buy them from  B&Q, John Lewis or Amazon. find out more details from

Would you like to win a pack of Scentsicles? we have a competition to win a pack, all you need to do is enter the competition by clicking the rafflecopterlink, telling us your favourite Christmas smell in the comments. You don't have to enter the other options, but the more you enter, the more you win. UK entries only

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