Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Star Darlings Reviews

I hadn't heard of Star Darlings until recently, I think Tilly was trying to tell me about them but like all good parents I pretended to listen and I really wasn't. So the first time I took notice of what my little cherub was trying to say, I was mesmerised by these girls. Star Darlings come from Starland, another planet and there are actually. Star Darlings are young ladies that will make wishes come true and they offer inspiration and hope for young girls out there. We all hope for the best for our child, don't we? And with these dolls, we can go a small way to helping them aspire to what they want to be.

Tilly was sent three of the Star Darlings dolls to review and, When they arrived they were everything she likes in a doll. She has never been interested in Barbie or fashion dolls like that, she like dolls that are different, dolls that are making a statement and dolls that have broken the mould of ordinary dollness!

The dolls arrived in in purple boxes that were covered in stars, music notes and wish dust. They have a window in the front of the box so you can see the complete doll and the first thing that drew my attention was the hair. OMG the hair on the dolls is lush! My favourite is Libby Starling - I now want long pink curly hair, but at 43, I think it might be too much! Tillys favourite is Sage Starling because she is wearing such powerful purple clothes and has glitter around her eyes, She almost has a gothic look about her. And the third doll we were sent was Scarlet Darling.

So lets look at each individual doll and hopefully you will be as mesmerised as I was.

Sage is adventurous, she wears a cool studded dress and leggings. She has long purple hair and wears a tiara. She has sparkle make up around her eyes and she has a necklace that you can take off the doll.

Scarlet is the doll with attitude, she wears a leather jacket and combat boots and is always ready to save the planet. She wears her long pink and purple hair in a ponytail, so that its out of the way. She is definitely not a girly girl - she is the one that will have your back, if you need it.

Libby is pink and sweet, She is a proper little girl with her pink glittery dress and lovely glitter tights. She has the most amazing pink hair that is curly and she wears it down.

Each of the dolls come with a little wish ring for your child to wear, so they can make their own wishes and a musical instrument that they play. These dolls are fab at showing that everyone has a different personality and just because someone looks different, it doesn't mean that they are any less likeable. The dolls are 11 inches tall and they actually stand on their own! There is nothing worse than a doll that won't stand on its own. They are fully pose-able and these dolls really do promote positiveness and ambition. They also promote individualism too, which I like.  The dolls retail at £19.99 and are available to buy on Amazon and from most toy retailers. So enough of what I think about the Star Darlings, its all about what Tilly thinks of them.

Tilly Says 'I love Sage, she is my favourite one and she has sparkly eyes. I want to be like Sage when I am a grown up. They are very beautiful but Sage is my favourite'

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