Saturday, 7 January 2017

10 Reason That I am Rocking Motherhood

Thankyou to Amy from The Smallest Of Things for tagging me in the #RockingMotherhood post. I sometimes wonder if I do really rock this motherhood thing or if I just wing it along the way, so I am just going to write the post and hope that I can manage to fill the whole list of ten achievements that I have made as a mother, because it would be a bit embarrassing if I have to stop at 2 or 3.

So here we go

1/ My kid is still alive! that is obviously the most important one, we had goldfish once and they died because I forgot about them. But I actually do remember to feed and clothe my child.

2/ I have never forgotten to pick up my kid from school! I did it a few times with the older ones, but i am hoping they have forgotten. There was a day that I took her to school and the school was closed, I try to forget it - but oh no! Tilly doesn't forget it does she?

3/ I took my kid backpacking in Europe last summer and managed to not lose her, get her injured, put her in any danger or get her. There was the scary moment that the armed guards stormed the train in Czech Republic and I thought they were going to take my laptop because I was blogging! But it was okay, apparently they don't stop the train and drag you off to the firing squad if you write a blog post on an intercity train.

4/ I coloured her hair mermaid today because she wanted it! It is sticky and matty now and she refused to let me wash it out tonight.So tomorrow I am going to have to clean all of the bedding.

5/ Tilly's school friends want to come to London with her all the time, I suppose we take it for granted as we go to London alot but for some kids its a luxury. I am apparently a cool mum.

6/ I taught Kim how to blog, she now runs her own blog over at Me, My Life and The Tardis. I am so proud of her for how quickly she has picked it all up. I took 18 months to be in the place she is now but then she is so much wiser than me ahahaha. I never had anyone to hold my hand either, I kinda blagged my way around it.

Its 3.17AM, I may be rocking motherhood until now but I am not rocking this sleeping thing!

7/ I am rocking motherhood because every time Tilly flushes the chain on the toilet, she breaks the flusher handle bit, so I have to go in there and put my hand in the cistern and fix it. OK its not every time, but about one a week, but feels like every time.

8/ I do anything for my kids, and I mean ANYTHING. I won't say what I have done because some of it may even be illegal!

9/ I go away to turkey for two weeks a year so that I get a break from my kids and they get a break from me - That is rocking motherhood isn't it? I mean I come back refreshed and ready to be a mum again...... actually I come back with liver damage and a really huge hangover and plenty of drunken tales to tell.

10/ I am rocking this motherhood shit because I am a mum! I will always be a mum to my kids no matter what they have done or no matter where life takes them. I will always be here to wipe away tears and help mend wounds. I will always be here, even when they think they can't come home. Because I will always be their mum!

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